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From Fan dance to Breakdance for Dano festival

Rivers crewFor those who missed the Korean breakdancers when they came to London earlier this year, the Rivers crew from Korea (left) will be battling it out with the Bad Taste Cru from the UK in Trafalgar Square on June 17.

It’s all part of a unique event to celebrate Dano, the Korean early summer festival. Over thirty musicians and performers will be coming over from Korea to take part in DANO, Korea Sparkling Summer Festival 2007. It’s the first time that a Korean cultural event has been held in such a high profile location. Apart from the B-boys, most of the visitors from Korea will be from the Yeongsan company of traditional arts.

There will be food stalls, craft demonstrations and all sorts of fun and frolics. Come along and enjoy the summer. The outline timings are set out below; visit the Korean Cultural Promotion Agency website for further details.

Update 14 June 2007. I just discovered that there may be some last-minute changes to the order of events. The below, and the version on the KCPA’s website linked above as of today, may not be the final running order. The definitive programme should be up on the KCPA’s website by close of play Friday 15th June. I might not have a chance to update this post. So for the right details you should check the KCPA website for the exact timings before you set off if you particularly want to see one of the events.

Dano swing12:00~ Site Open
12:30~13:00 The Grand Parade
13:00~13:30 Opening Ceremony & Launching event of Korea Sparkling
13:30~13:50 UK-Korean B Boys Battle
13:50~14:10 Taekwondo (Korean martial art)
14:10~14:25 SamulNori (Korean traditional music)
14:25~14:37 Minyo (Korean traditional music)
14:37~14:43 Janggochum (Korean traditional dance)
14:43~14:53 Lion Mask Dance (Korean traditional dance)
14:53~15:00 Fan dance (Korean traditional dance)
15:00~15:30 The Grand Parade
15:30~15:40 Sword Dance (Korean traditional dance)
15:40~16:00 Korean Traditional Wind Ensemble (Korean traditional music)
16:00~16:10 Lion Mask Dance (Korean traditional dance)
16:10~16:20 Fan Dance (Korean traditional dance)
16:20~16:40 UK-Korean B Boys – Free Style
16:40~17:00 Pungmul Daejanchi (Korean traditional music & dance)
18:00 Event Ends


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