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Two ambassadors and a minister at Chatham House

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Next week is an eventful one for followers of the foreign relations of the two Koreas.

On Wednesday afternoon there’s a rare opportunity to hear two of the most senior figures from the foreign ministry of the DPRK speak on the subject of the DPRK’s foreign relations, while on Thursday lunchtime the Korea Discussion Group welcomes a minister from the Japanese embassy in London to talk about Korea-Japan relations. As always, prior registration is required with Tamara Lynch at Chatham House. Further details follow. First, the DPRK foreign relations event:

Asia Programme Meeting
North Korean Foreign Relations
Speakers: Ambassador Song Ryol Han,
Ambassador Song Nam Ja
2.30-5.00 pm
Wednesday 4th July 2007

Ambassador Han, former representative of the DPRK to the UN Mission and Ambassador Ja, the current DPRK ambassador to the UK will talk about North and South Korean relations and the question of unification, the six-party talks and the nuclear issue. This will be a rare opportunity to gain insights into North Korean foreign policy. The meeting will start at 2.30pm, with tea and coffee served from 3.30-4.00pm.

Ambassador Han has served in Cuba, has been a minister to the UN Mission and Deputy Director General in the US Department in the foreign ministry. He has served as deputy ambassador to the UN mission and is currently Acting President at the Institute for Disarmament & Peace in Pyongyang.

Ambassador Ja is the current ambassador to the UK. Previously he has served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pyongyang, and in the UN Mission in New York. He has also served in the DPRK army, and has worked at the University of International Relations in the DPRK.

Please note that a £10 registration fee is payable on arrival.

Next – the discussion on Korea-Japan relations:

Korea Discussion Group
Japan-Korea Relations: new tension?
Minister Koji Tomita
Thursday 5th July 2007
Meeting: 1.15-2.15pm
Lunch: 12.45-1.15 (£10.00 charge)
Chair: Jim Hoare

Minister Koji Tomita is the Head of the Political Section of the Japanese Embassy in London. His diplomatic career has spanned over two decades and has included postings to the OECD in Paris as well as Director of the Policy Coordination Division of the Foreign Policy Bureau in Japan. Prior to joining the London Embassy, Minister Tomita served as Head of the Embassy’s Political Section in Seoul.


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