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Pastor Bae Hyun-kyu

Just received from a reader

On behaf of, I am asking the Korean Community to remeber the death of Pastor Bae Hyun-Kyu who was killed on his 42nd birthday on Wednesday 25th July by the Taliban militia in Central Afghanistan. Also, let us remember the 22 remaining hostage in Ghazni, who were due to be executed on Saturday. The Taliban have delayed the time of their execution, but we do not have minutes but only seconds to release these hostages.


This is an urgent appeal to the Taliban to release the hostages unharmed. Thanking you in advance for supporting this petition. Rosa Manson


From AP (Ahn Young-joon)

Prayers for the hostages

From Getty images:

Pastor Bae Hyun-kyu returns home

From AP:

Shim Sung-min is mourned by his father

One thought on “Pastor Bae Hyun-kyu

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