Donawhale debut album

Review by Jenny Wu (CJ Music, May 2007) When I first laid my ears on this album, all I could think was, “what loveliness!” Indie bands often fall into the trap of blandness when they take themselves too seriously. I have little patience when it comes to dull tunes. Thankfully, I found no such problem […]

The Korean Film Festival roadshow

This year the Korean Film Festival is not just showing in London. Selected highlights will also be showing in Warwick and Oxford. In addition, Park Chan-wook will be seeing some of the sights of Middle England, as he will be accompanying the tour, giving a talk on I’m a Cyborg at both locations. The festival […]

Stop piercing my Seoul!

An alternative travel experience summary by Aashish Gadhvi My first trip to Korea was something I had been looking forward to and preparing for with great enthusiasm. Since my initial interest in Korean cinema/sports, I had become a fully-fledged Korean fanatic and digested all sorts of Korean goodies at every opportunity. So going to Korea […]

Royal College of Art hanbok show

Further details of the event at the Royal College of Art. Fashion from the Far East: Hanbok by Lee Rhee-Za 3-8 November 2007 Seminar Rooms 1 & 2 Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2EU 10am-6pm ‘Hanbok’: Hanbok (South Korea) or Chosŏn-ot (North Korea) is the traditional Korean dress. It is characterized by […]

The October 4 Declaration: Joint Communique from 2007 Inter-Korea Summit

Here is an English translation of the official Joint Communique from the Inter-Korea Summit held earlier this month (2-4 October). Declaration on the Advancement of South-North Korean Relations, Peace and Prosperity In accordance with the agreement between President Roh Moo-hyun of the Republic of Korea and Chairman Kim Jong Il of the National Defense Commission […]

Leeds prizewinner to play in London

Sunwook Kim, winner of the 2006 Leeds International Piano competition, comes to London in November for two concerts. For me, the highlight will be the solo recital on 4 November in Golders Green for the Mill Hill Music Club: 1. Mill Hill Music Club – Date : 4th November 2007, 7:30 pm – Venue : […]

Han style comes to London

It seems that Hanbok events are like buses. You wait for ages, and then three come along at once. The first week in November brings the opportunity to (1) admire, (2) try on and (3) buy your own (genuine antique) hanbok, at (1) the Royal College of Art, (2) the V&A and (3) Linda Wrigglesworth. […]

The Han Style campaign

Realising that the Hallyu may not last for ever, and recognising that the best marketers do not stake the financial health of the company on just one product, the Culture and Tourism ministry earlier this year decided to diversify their product portfolio. Recognising that some of the key differentiating features of Korean culture are designated […]

Event news: a one-week course on Asian Contemporary Art

Designed to coincide with Asian Art in London, there’s an intensive five-day course at SOAS, University of London, focusing on Asian Contemporary Art. Well worth exploring if you have the opportunity: Asia Contemporary 5th — 9th November 2007 Course includes: Lectures and seminars by leading experts and working artists Visits to galleries and auction houses […]

Asian Art in London – 10th year

Asian Art in London is an annual event which unites London’s leading Asian art dealers, major auction houses and societies in a series of gallery selling exhibitions, auctions, receptions, lectures and seminars. These are complemented by exhibitions at the leading museums. This is its tenth year and it runs from 1 – 10 November 2007. […]


The Korean Toilet Association makes it into the news again. If you’re looking for an innovative public-hygiene-themed mini-break in Korea you could do worse than rent a toilet-shaped house for the night. All proceeds will go to support that splendid and worthwhile organisation. HT to Jim Hoare. Links: World’s first toilet house to be built […]

A Chuseok-themed marketing campaign

US retail banking giant Chase have been aiming to show their cultural awareness. They missed the golden opportunity to launch this marketing campaign at the turn of the lunar Year of the Golden Pig, but have made up for it by running it to coincide with Chuseok. The deal is this. You have to go […]

Clazziquai #2: Color your Soul

(Fluxus / Seoul Records, October 2005) Clazziquai’s second main album has some of the same formulae as their first, the blend of lounge, electronica and Latin, but includes an additional influence: a slight funk element. There’s a slightly greater emphasis on the bass, and the horns in the background of some of the tracks – […]

Exhibition visit: To the furthest verge

I-MYU’s new gallery space was launched last week with a show by two Korean and one Korean-American artist. The gallery itself is situated in the slightly unfashionable north-east fringes of the City. Unfashionable at least from the perspective of us City types, but if your eyes stray slightly northwards on the map from I-MYU’s street […]

Che in Verse launched

Loyal readers who have followed this site from its early months may recall a question posed by a visitor about a year ago. Gavin O’Toole was working on assembling a compilation of poems from around the world about the great revolutionary Che Guevara. He’d heard that there was a couple of poems about him by […]

Busan, hub city?

OK, so I didn’t make it to PIFF this year. I don’t think I’m ever likely to: time away from work is precious, and to be spent with one’s beloved. If one’s beloved isn’t in to sitting in a darkened movie theatre straining to read the subtitles for days on end (and I’m not sure […]