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The Korea Yearbook 2007

Korea Yearbook 2007 coverFirst, to note the publication of the 2007 Year Book, and to draw your attention to the call for papers for the 2008 Year Book.

Articles in the 2007 yearbook deal with online grassroots journalism and participatory democracy, the Lone Star scandal, changing perceptions of inward direct investment, the impact of China’s economic ascendance, modern cityscape and mass housing production, new ancestral shrines, and the political economy of patriotism. Additional articles highlight lessons of negotiations with North Korea, the plight of North Koreans in China, and Korea-China border issues. The yearbook is essential reading for anyone interested in modern Korea.

Korea Yearbook, Volume 1 (2007)
Edited by Rüdiger Frank, James E. Hoare, Patrick Köllner and Susan Pares

Table of contents
Preface (Patrick Köllner)
Chronology 2006 (Susan Pares)

Köllner, Patrick: ‘South Korea: Domestic Politics and Economy 2006-07’
Frank, Rüdiger: ‘North Korea: Domestic Politics and Economy 2006-07’
Hoare, James: ‘Relations Between the Two Koreas 2006-07’
Hoare, James: ‘Foreign Relations of the Two Koreas 2006-07’
Hauben, Ronda: ‘Online Grassroots Journalism and Participatory Democracy in South Korea’
Schopf, James C.: ‘Corruption and the Lone Star Scandal’
Cherry, Judith: ‘Changing Perceptions of Inward Foreign Direct Investment in Post-Crisis Korea (1998-2006)’
Lee Chung H. and Kim Joon-Kyung: ‘Emergence of China and the Economy of South Korea’
Gelézeau, Valérie: ‘Korean Modernism, Modern Korean Cityscape and Mass Housing Production: Charting the Rise of Ap’at’u Tanji Since the 1960s’
Kwon Heonik: ‘New Ancestral Shrines in South Korea’
Morris, Mark: ‘The Political Economy of Patriotism: The Case of Hanbando’
Carlin, Bob: ‘Negotiating with North Korea: Lessons Learned and Forgotten’
Beck, Peter, Gail Kim, and Donald MacIntyre: ‘Perilous Journeys: The Plight of North Koreans in China’
Zabrovskaya, Larisa: ‘A Brief History of the Sino-Korean Border From the 18th to the 20th Century’

And apologies for the delay in publishing the CFP for the 2008, which was announced while I was on vacation.

Call for Papers Korea Yearbook 2008 — Politics, Economy, Society

The editors of the Korea Yearbook — Politics, Economy, Society, published since 2007 by Brill (Leiden and Boston) are calling for papers for the 2008 edition of the yearbook. The Korea Yearbook is a hybrid publication consisting, on the one hand, of concise overviews of domestic and external affairs of the two Koreas and, on the other hand, of in-depth studies of contemporary political, economic and social affairs in both North and South Korea. We are now calling for proposals for papers for the latter, refereed part of the yearbook. The editors are particularly interested in papers dealing with North Korea and inter-Korean affairs and papers analysing Korean affairs from a comparative perspective. Papers on other topics falling within the scope of the Korea Yearbook are also very welcome. We encourage both junior and senior scholars to send in proposals for papers. Interested scholars should send proposals of around 200 words to Patrick Patrick Köllner (koellner [AT] giga-hamburg [DOT] de) by 15 December 2007. The editors will decide by the end of year which proposals for papers should be developed into manuscripts (10,000 words maximum) to be submitted by 31 March 2008. The editors guarantee a speedy review of manuscripts. The Korea Yearbook 2008 is due to be published in October 2008.


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