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Study Korean and Japanese Art at SOAS

A great opportunity to find out more about Korean art: study towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Asian Art.

Study Korean and Japanese Art at SOAS — April — July 2008

ArtcourseThe former British Museum postgraduate diploma course in Asian Art will now be offered at SOAS from 2008. Korea and Japan are seen in their Asian context,particularly in their relationship with each other and, above all, with China (right). The programme is object based, with the special study of objects, prints and paintings from the collections of the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum while lectures are given by leading experts.

goryeo_buddhist_painting.jpgThe Korea and Japan module will run for 12 weeks from April 2008, covering the artistic heritage of Korea and Japan from the prehistoric periods to the present day. While the major part of the course is dedicated to Japan, the first weeks of the module focus on Korea.

Korea’s artistic heritage will include tomb artefacts, buddhist sculpture and paintings, crafts and ceramics. The Japanese part of the module begins with prehistoric and early historic periods when links between these two countries were strong. The course moves from the 7th to the 15th centuries, with the study of masterpieces in sculpture and painting. The later part of the course focuses, not only on paintings and popular prints, but also a wide variety of decorative arts and crafts, with an emphasis on techniques and aesthetics.

image.jpgVarious thematic topics will be followed, such as architecture and gardens, the arts of the tea ceremony, and East-West cross-cultural influences, particularly in export ceramics. Artistic expression will be viewed against the relevant social and political background as well as the religious and literary movements of each period. Visits to museum collections will provide an opportunity for object study to complement a course which combines academic discipline and practical skills. Students are not required to have any knowledge of the arts of Asia, but should have a serious interest in the study of the area.

Students successfully completing any three 12 week modules, selected from the Arts of China (January); the Arts of Japan & Korea (April), the Arts of the Islamic world (April) or the Arts of India (September), will be awarded a university accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Asian Art.

Further Details from: Dr Heather Elgood: he2 [AT] soas [DOT] ac [DOT] uk.


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