We Love Kim Soo Hee (she said)

Two of your regular LKL writers were so taken with Kim Soo Hee’s concert on 26 January that we both felt moved to write about it. Here’s Jennifer‘s take. Kim Soo Hee, we love you! Especially when you make that heart shape with your arms above your head and blow a kiss. Please come back […]

We Love Kim Soo Hee (he said)

Two of your regular LKL writers were so taken with Kim Soo Hee’s concert on 26 January that we both felt moved to write about it. Here’s Philip‘s take. “They turned up this afternoon and asked us where our sound system and lighting was,” confided the House Manager at St John’s Smith Square as I […]

Korean film – a review of 2007

Jason Bechervaise, founder of koreanfilm.org.uk, gives his perspective on the ups and downs of the Korean film industry in 2007 By all accounts 2007 was a year that has been difficult one for the Korean film industry where it seems that the golden years of the Korean film industry has passed. Rising costs have meant […]

Stories from the Land of Morning Calm

South Korea may well be the most ‘wired’ country on earth but super-computer-literate Koreans are still quite likely to believe that spirits exist in every part of nature, and see nothing unusual in seeking guidance from stories. From his recent research at The National Centre for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, Sef Townsend brings stories that […]

The War Veterans’ Annual Report 2007

One of the things I want to do this year is to start to provide a little coverage of the activities and stories of the veterans from the Korean War. Where better to start than a report of the activities of the British Korean Veterans Association over the past year, presented last week to the […]

Harvard Online: The Two Koreas

Beginning January 31, students living anywhere in the world can examine key historical forces that have created and shaped the two Koreas before, during, and after the actual partition of the country in 1945 in a new Harvard Extension School online course, HIST E-1814 The Two Koreas. Harvard’s Carter J. Eckert, PhD, Yoon Se Young […]

Paul French: Chollima Speed to Slow Motion Famine

In Cambridge and London this week. First, Tuesday, 29th January, 2008 at 5pm in the Common Room, Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge. The University of Cambridge Department of East Asian Studies presents an East Asia Institute seminar: Paradise Lost: From Chollima Speed to Slow Motion Famine How North Korea Got […]

Anglo-Korean Society postgraduate bursary

ANGLO-KOREAN SOCIETY BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR KOREAN STUDIES The AKS and BAKS are pleased to announce the Anglo-Korean Society Post-Graduate Bursary Programme. A single £500 bursary is being offered on a competitive basis to taught and research post-graduate students. The submission date for all applications will be 1 April, 2008. The programme will be administered by […]

The top 30 LKL pictures of 2007: the top 10

Here’s the top ten. And probably not all that work-safe. #10: The second appearance of LKL’s favourite ex-playboy model, Lee Sabi (806 views): #9: The Chejudo Love Land theme park (884): #8: Sassy girl and last vampire Jeon Ji-hyun displaying her smooth thighs as a rock chick (969): #7: Pop diva, CF queen and all-round […]

Woyzeck: review

Sadari Movement Laboratory: Woyzeck Part of the London Mime Festival Review by Saharial I am not an expert on mime or dance in any way, and lack any technical terms of description and I also have no real point of reference or comparison as dance is not my forte. Thanks to Philip though I was […]

Woyzeck: synopsis

For the benefit of those who don’t have time to read the programme notes of Sadari Movement Laboratory’s interpretation of Woyzeck before the show — maybe because of the rather laid-back style of service in the QEH foyer bar — here is the synopsis: 1 Woyzeck & the Captain: The Captain bullies Woyzeck, and taunts […]


As one or two readers will know, in my work like I started, like Daeguowl and Jenny, as an accountant. So here is an entirely non-IFRS-compliant statement of LKL’s activities for 2007. 1 Revenues As many readers may appreciate, the object of this website is not to make money. And because I prefer to have […]

North Korea: new approaches – conference report

The panel and attendance list of the 8th International Conference on North Korean Human Rights & Refugees was a who’s who of North Korean experts and Koreanists in general1. As expected, there was no representation from the DPRK embassy. Given that more than one panellist characterised past conferences as “people getting together to bash North […]

Forget-me-not at I-MYU

I-MYU Projects present their third exhibition since opening near Old Street towards the end of last year. One thing I like about the I-MYU gallery is the quality of their press releases. For someone as unversed in art appreciation as me, their materials always seem both intelligent and intelligible, informative without being too high-brow, and […]