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LKL Celeb of the Month #3: Lee Dong Wook

Reviewing my website statistics one month I was surprised and delighted to find that there was so much interest in one of the artists I had written about. But then, when I saw that many googlers were not interested so much in his artwork as in seeing pictures of him naked, I realised that there was more than one Lee Dong Wook. So this little post is not about the young artist who specialises in sculpting tiny deformed human figures – even though he might look very nice in his birthday suit. It’s about the Lee Dong Wook who appears in all the TV drama series.

Lee Dong-wook

The actor Lee Dong-wook (이동욱) was born on 6 November 1981. He is sometimes known as Milky because of his pale complexion – can we look forward to his appearing on a CF for skin lightening cream?

Lee is probably best known for his performance in TV Drama My Girl (2005), where he enjoyed a good on-screen chemistry with Lee Da Hae – to such an extent that fans were desperate to believe in an off-screen romance as well.

Here’s a good video of him practising that chemistry. It’s a hard life:

Lee has appeared in a couple of films – the horror flick Arang (2006), which did well in Taiwan and Thailand as well as pulling in 1.2 million viewers in Korea (but which got a decidedly lukewarm reception from Q at and more recently in Perfect Couple (2007). He is currently appearing in the TV series La Dolce Vita, which co-stars another My Girl actress, Park Si-yeon.

And now, the pictures.