Mock funerals make Koreans focus on how to live

Before they are buried, participants are asked to pose for their funeral portrait

Hyung-Jin Kim of Associated Press has done a nice piece on a new idea from Korea Life Consulting Co: fake funerals. It has been run in the Taipei Times (South Koreans give their deaths a trial run: ‘Well-dying’ – having a mock funeral after a set of seminars – is touted as a tool to promote well-being) and the Los Angeles Times (Company aims to spread well-being through well-dying: Experts see the trend as a sign that South Koreans have become affluent enough to be able to consider quality-of-life issues).

Anna Fifield wrote another story on the same subject for the Financial Times on 22 July 2008 (When death is a reminder to live). The below images were taken for the FT article by Seokyong Lee, but never made it.

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