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Saturday documentaries at the KCC

This Saturday there will be a screening of a short film entitled “The History of Gold” at the Korean Cultural Centre at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm.

Each screening will last around 30 minutes.

Silla dynasty gold earrings
Silla dynasty gold earrings, 6th century AD. Diameter 3.5cm, Height 8.3cm. National Treasure No. 90, Seoul National Museum.

Silla people decorate their houses with silk interwoven with golden thread, and use golden plates and cutlery at meals

(Arab historian, 10th century)


A country that is filled with the splendour of gold and silver, such is the Kingdom of Silla

(Chronicles of Japan, AD 720)

Referred to as a “Nation of Gold” by its neighbours, Korea is a country with an extraordinary history in gold craftmanship. Of the ten pure gold crowns from ancient times, eight are from Korea, and are unparalleled in their unique and exquisite artistry. The Sarira Casket, a masterpiece of Buddhist art, is similarly without equal and is widely noted for its intricate gold granule ornaments, which are invisible to the human eye at less than 0.3mm in diameter, and impossible for modern artisans to reproduce even with today’s technology.

While it is best to aim to be there at the screening times stated above, there will be ad-hoc screenings, so please visit if you can.

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