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LKL featured in Euro Journal (유로저널)

PG in AsadalI recently had a heavy soju and singing session with Jeon Sung-min (below right), who as well has being one half of a well-known kayageum / guitar duo and nephew of the founder of 해바라기 (Sunflower) is also a feature writer at the Euro Journal (유로저널), a Korean language weekly newspaper distributed in Koreatowns in Europe (also available online).

Jeon Sung-minBefore attacking the soju in earnest we had a good chat about Korean culture and what I’m aiming to do with LKL. The interview went on for rather longer than anticipated, and so what was intended to be a standard one-pager ended up being spread over two or three weeks.

The first episode appears in this week’s Euro Journal, available online here for those of you who read Korean.

The interview itself was conducted in English, so what you see in the Euro Journal is an edited translation, with some supplementary commentary. Once the series is complete, I’ll put an edited transcription of the original English on LKL.

My hangover had just about left me by the time the following evening came around.


2 thoughts on “LKL featured in Euro Journal (유로저널)

  1. It’s one of the most interesting interviews I’ve ever done. If you’re a Korean, you’d definitely like to listen to non-Korean who is so much interested in Korea and Korean culture.

    Philip, thank you very much again for the great interview, and I’m looking forward to another soju night soon!

    For non-Korean visitors, please don’t miss the English version! Coming soon!

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