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September events 2008

Vessels - at the KCC
Vessels – at the KCC

Here are the events for September.


We are at the start of the eighth lunar month, which means that Chuseok is approaching. Chuseok this year falls on 14 September. If you’re in Korea, enjoy your time sitting in a traffic jam on your way back to your home town. In London and nearby there are three opportunities, if not exactly to experience a Chuseok like you would back home, but at least to get together and do Korean-type things. The choices:


  • Vessels continues at the KCC until 25 Septemberwith two associated events:
    • A make-your-own-ceramic-tile session for youngsters on Saturday afternoon, 6 September and
    • A lecture “2 Perspectives on UK & Korean Ceramics” by Emmanuel Cooper and Martha Donaghey on 9 September.
  • Gwon Osang continues at the Manchester Art Gallery until 21 September
  • Some familiar names will be appearing at the Fantasy Studio Project at the Liverpool biennale from 16 September.
  • Reflections continues at the New Days Gallery until 6 September


  • There are weekly documentary screenings at the KCC every Saturday
  • The KCC film club’s first screening in September is Le Grand Chef on 11 September. Chihwaseon will be on 25 September
  • The Chaser gets a theatrical release on 19 September


  • The BAKS conference is at Clare College Cambridge, 8 – 10 September
  • There’s a lecture at the KCC on 24 September on the Image of Women in Korean culture.



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