Dulsori gets Chichester jumping to the beat

Jennifer Barclay meets Dulsori at their performance in Chichester’s Festival Theatre, 24 January 2009. I’m not sure the theatre staff were quite prepared when the drummer troupe led the audience dancing into the foyer, bashing gongs and drums in a frenzied finale to an energetic evening. Young and old, the Chichester crowd jumped, laughed and […]

Celebs, Pit bulls and hairdos

As is customary at this time of year, I’ve been looking at the readership statistics. And, in general, the results are remarkably similar to last year. Yes, it’s the same old celebrities which generate the traffic. For those who know what they’re looking for it’s Super Junior which is the sure winner, while for those […]

Credit crunch latest: LKL reports record deficit

LKL this week joined the ever-growing list of prestigious organisations reporting record losses. In an announcement made on Friday, LKL’s CEO confirmed the disappointing results. “We had record advertising revenues, but unfortunately investment in infrastructure more than outweighed this success. We could save on technology, but only at the expense of performance and innovation. We […]

DVD bargains to be had

It’s January and there’s a recession just about everywhere. What better time to go bargain-hunting for those DVDs you’ve been meaning to buy for ages? Currently, YesAsia has a TV Drama sale which offers up to 75% off English subtitled TV Dramas – though of course most of the bargains in the sale have slightly […]

A North Korean Feelgood Lecture

By Peter Corbishley The first of the Spring Term SOAS Lectures heard Nicolas Bonner (right) talking to extracts from his and Daniel Gordon’s three films on North Korea: The Game of their Lives (2002), A State of Mind (2004), Crossing the Line / 푸른 눈의 평양시민 / A Blue-Eyed Pyongyang Citizen (2006). The often almost […]

Woven Horizon in Colchester

Some of the notable artworks at the DPRK art show in London in 2007 were works of embroidery. Similarly, in London, Kang Seunghee‘s work has involved some laborious needlework, albeit subcontracted to Chinese embroiderers. Now there’s the opportunity to enjoy some Korean needlework outside of London. Kang Soon Yul exhibits some of her textile artistry […]

Cooking Galbigui with Kie-jo

Kie-jo Sarsfield restarts her Korean cookery classes for two lessons in February. The lessons in the autumn of 2008 were fully subscribed, so get in with your applications soon. The plans are as follows: 1, 21st Feb, 11am — 2pm. Tteokbokggi (떡볶이: Rice cake and Beef with spicy sauce – right) Galbigui (갈비구이: Grilled Short […]

Donald Kirk on the late 90s financial crisis

Donald Kirk: Korean Crisis: Unraveling of the Miracle in the IMF Era Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan (1999) The strength of this book is that is brings together in one place the reportage of one of the key foreign journalists based in Seoul during the 1990s. With access to politicians, press releases and Korean and foreign businessmen, […]

Oriental male, Western female

One of the most memorable images in the 4482 exhibition on the South Bank last October was a large, carefully staged, meticulously lit photo of a scene from a fairy tale. An elaborate coach looks as if it could turn into a pumpkin at any moment. It’s certainly not going anywhere, despite the alert coachman […]

Bae Chan-hyo: Existing in Costume, at Purdy Hicks

A notice of Bae Chan-hyo’s solo show at Purdy Hicks: This will be Chan-Hyo Bae’s first UK solo exhibition since his graduation with an MFA from the Slade in 2007. Bae’s work has already been shown in a number of international exhibitions including International Discoveries at Houston Fotofest (2007) and The Third Lianzhou Photo Festival […]

Yuasa Katsuei: a Japanese colonial novelist

Yuasa Katsuei: Two Japanese Colonial Novels Kannani (1934), Document of Flames (1935). Translated by Mark Driscoll, Duke University Press (2005) Yuasa Katsuei was born in Japan in 1910 and before his second birthday moved to Korea where his father worked in the colonial police force. He went to university in Tokyo from 1929, before returning […]

Korean Artists in London Art Fair 2009

Back in October last year Beccy Kennedy reported from the 4482 show: 40 Korean artists in London under one roof in a single exhibition. This week there are at least six Korean artists under one roof in Islington, represented by four galleries. Exhibiting in the London Art Fair are Albemarle Gallery (Lee Jaehyo and Park […]

Nick Bonner – Filming North Korea

The SOAS spring seminar series kicks off this Friday, 16 January, with a talk by Nick Bonner, founder of Koryo Tours and collaborator with Daniel Gordon on three fascinating documentaries on North Korea, showing a very different side from the picture we see from reading the newspapers. The seminar will take place at 5pm in […]