Cooking with Kie-jo, part 3

by Events Editor on 20 March, 2009 updated 16 December, 2017

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pajeonKie-jo Sarsfield continues her series of cookery lessons in April. Here’s the menu:

4th April

  1. Haemul Pajeon. (해물파전: Seafood and Spring onion Pancake)
  2. Ojingeojeot (오징어젓: Pickled Squid)
  3. Haemulggim (Seafood Stew)

18th April

  1. Sangsun Gui (Grilled fish)
  2. Sangsun Jeon (Pan-fried Fish Fillet)
  3. Bibimbab (Rice mixed with Vegetables and Beef)
  4. Korean Miso Soup with Tofu

Classes generally start mid-morning, and include lunch. Kie-jo’s contact details can be found below. Check out this article for an indication of what to expect, and rough costs.



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