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Kiejo’s Cambridge feast

Kiejo Sarsfield tells how a housewife from Masan ended up supervising dinner for 60 in a Cambridge college. In March I had e-mail from Dr Michael Shin, Lecturer in Korea Studies and fellow at Robinson College Cambridge, about a Korean food event he was planning to organise in a couple of months. He was asking me whether I would be interested … [Read More]

Cosy Korean Cooking with Kie-jo

For over a decade now our little group of UK based Korean adoptees have hoped that we could find someone to teach us how to make our favourite Korean dishes. We love meeting up and eating at our generously sponsored lunches but in the weeks between our lunches, and if we can’t make it that … [Read More]

February cooking with Kiejo

Kiejo Sarsfield has restarted her weekly cookery classes. Every Saturday during February you can learn how to cook classic Korean dishes. The planned schedule is as follows: 5th Feb: Belly Pork Bulgogi, yachejeon (vegetable pancake), miyukguk (Seaweed and beef soup) 12th Feb: Bindaetteok, Japchae, Kimchi jjigae. 19th Feb: Haemul pajeon (Seafood Pancake), Bibimbab, korean miso … [Read More]

April cooking with Kiejo

Every Saturday during April Kiejo Sarsfield will be giving Korean cookery lessons. The classes, in the comfort of her kitchen, are a fun and relaxing way to spend a morning (and lunchtime). They start at 11am and continue through lunch to around 2pm. The location is towards the end of the Metropolitan line, in the … [Read More]

January cooking with Kiejo

The next date for cooking with Kiejo is this Saturday, 30 January. Menu: Tteokbokki (Rice cake and Vegetables with Spicy sauce) Galbi Gui (Grilled short rib of beef) Miyuk and cucumber salad (Seaweed and cucumber salad) Time: 11 AM — 2 PM. Venue: The Chalfonts Contact: kiejosarsfield at hotmail dot co dot uk [Read More]

November Cooking with Kiejo

Details of Kiejo Sarsfield’s classes for November: 14th November. Menu : 1. Haemul pajeon (seafood pancake) 2. Bibimbab (Mixed vegetables, beef, rice with spicy sauce) 3. Korean Miso Soup with tofu Time : 11 AM —2 PM Cost : £30 This menu seem most popular, I have done it many times. 28th November. Cancelled This … [Read More]

More cookery classes with Kiejo

Some more dates for your diary to learn Korean cooking in friendly surroundings: 12th September Menu: Bindaetteok Japche (Stir fried vegetables and potato noodle) Kimchi Jjigae (Kimchi stew) 19th September Menu: Tteokboggi (rice cake and Vegetables with spicy sauce) Galbi Gui (Grilled short rib of beef) Miyuk and cucumber salad 26th September Menu: Haemulpajeon (Seafood … [Read More]

Summer cooking with Kiejo

Jennifer Barclay, author of Meeting Mr Kim: Or How I Went to Korea and Learned to Love Kimchi, learns to cook traditional Korean food… Kiejo Sarsfield stands in her Cath Kidston apron in a kitchen stuffed with cookery books in leafy Chalfont St Giles. Having left South Korea thirty years ago and lived all over … [Read More]

Cooking with Kie-jo, part 3

Kie-jo Sarsfield continues her series of cookery lessons in April. Here’s the menu: 4th April Haemul Pajeon. (해물파전: Seafood and Spring onion Pancake) Ojingeojeot (오징어젓: Pickled Squid) Haemulggim (Seafood Stew) 18th April Sangsun Gui (Grilled fish) Sangsun Jeon (Pan-fried Fish Fillet) Bibimbab (Rice mixed with Vegetables and Beef) Korean Miso Soup with Tofu Classes generally … [Read More]

Cooking Galbigui with Kie-jo

Kie-jo Sarsfield restarts her Korean cookery classes for two lessons in February. The lessons in the autumn of 2008 were fully subscribed, so get in with your applications soon. The plans are as follows: 1, 21st Feb, 11am — 2pm. Tteokbokggi (떡볶이: Rice cake and Beef with spicy sauce – right) Galbigui (갈비구이: Grilled Short … [Read More]

Kie-jo Sarsfield’s kimchi recipe

Cabbage Kimchi (Baechoo Kimchi) Ingredients: 2 Korean (Chinese) Cabbage Korean Mooli (White Radish) or Mooli Korean Watercress (not English watercress) Spring Onions Korean Chili Powder (100g) Salted Anchovy Sauce (half cup) Salted Baby Shrimps (2 tbs) Sugar (1 tsp) Finely Chopped or Crushed Garlic (5 tbs) Finely Chopped Ginger (3 tbs) Sea Salt (100g) Water … [Read More]