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The ambassador’s blog

jpg-hma-martin-udenIn honour of the Four Ambassadors evening next week, I’ve recently introduced a section into the sidebar called The Ambassador’s Blog. In this section you can find the recent headlines from the blog maintained by the UK’s ambassador to Seoul, Martin Uden (right). Well worth a visit.

sidebarHe recently hosted his colleague north of the border, Peter Hughes, as a guest blogger – such facilities not being available in Pyongyang. I suppose it is part of their job description, but both ambassadors show remarkable restraint in dealing with some of the people who leave comments on the blog, who sometimes seem to engage their fingers before they engage their brain.

Anglo Korean Society members can look forward to meeting Martin Uden, Peter Hughes, plus Ambassador Chun from the ROK and Ambassador Ja from the DPRK, next Thursday at the Houses of Parliament. Should be an unmissable event.


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