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The Marines who never returned screens at the KCC

News of the screening at the Cultural Centre on 25 June, the anniversary of the start of the Korean War. Lee Man-hee’s classic war film – difficult to get to see. As usual, pre-registration is required.

The Marines Who Never Returned (돌아오지 않는 해병)

Director: Lee Man-hee (1963, 110 mins)
Starring: Choi Mu-ryong, Chang Dong-hui
25 June 2009, 7 pm
Multi-Purpose Hall, KCC

Film Information

M0020028_01The Marines Who Never Returned is a superb movie among representative Korean War movies. Released in 1963, it ran for 42 long days, drawing an audience of 194,124. It was also selected as the best movie among the 10 best feature movies dealing with the Korean War. It’s a war film describing the friendship of fellow soldiers and the instincts of men in the face of death.

A division in the Marine Corps participating in the Incheon Landing Operation during the Korean War successfully moved toward north and defeated the Chinese soldiers, only to realize how cruel war is, witnessing their dying comrades. Characters Jeong Wonju and An Hyeongmin, who are from the same village, along with Donghyeok, Mrs. Jeong, Insuk, a divisional officer named Kang Daesik and marines such as Ha seong are all surrounded by Chinese soldiers and die one by one from relentless sieges, becoming ‘Marines gone’ except An Hyeongmin. He barely survives and is sent on a stretcher to a nurse officer, Cha SeonYeong, his fiancée.


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