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October Events 2009

Here are the events for October, so far as I am aware.

Featured event


Last chance


  • The BFI London Film Festival has two high profile Korean Films: Hong Sang-soo’s Like you know it all (18, 19 Oct) and Bong Joon-ho’s Mother (22, 23 Oct). If anyone has the patience to trawl through the persistently unsearchable BFI website for more Korean films, please leave a comment below.
  • Almost upstaging the BFI festival is the UK commercial release of Park Chan-wook’s Thirst from 16 October. You won’t see a more attention-grabbing poster this year.
  • The KCC’s screenings this month are as yet unadvertised.


Visual arts, antiques, exhibitions and related events

  • I-MYU’s exhibition of Hong Young-in’s huge embroidered work continues until 3 Ocober.
  • There is a gallery talk / seminar on 1 October with contributions from Hong herself, the owner of Sesame gallery, and a hopelessly out-of-his-depth blogger trying not to sound like a pseud.
  • The KCC’s design exhibition, My Perfect Neighbours, continues until 8 October
  • Asia House’s contemporary art exhibition, TransReal, continues until 17 October, with a gallery talk on 15 October
  • Asian Art in London commences on 29 October
  • There is a couple of Korean jewellers exhibiting at the Goldsmiths Fair, till October 11.


Seminars / talks

  • Dame Margaret Drabble talks about The Red Queen on 20 October
  • SOAS’s autumn evening seminars kick off on 16 October, with another talk on 23 October.
  • Asia House has a talk on travel to exotic locations including North Korea on 6 October

Further ahead

  • Make sure you book for Kim Duk-soo in Cambridge, 7-8 November
  • Clear your diary for the beginning of November for the Korean Film Festival in the Barbican.

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