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The Indieful ROK MySpace Directory

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Anna over at Indieful ROK has done us all a great service. Ever wanted to explore new Korean indie music? Never figured out how lastFM works? MySpace is a good place to sample new music for free. The problem is, where are all the cool Korean musicians?

In the course of her blogging on Korean indie music, Anna has amassed a large number of URIs of the MySpace pages of loads of Korean musicians. She has now assembled them all in one place: the Indieful ROK MySpace Directory. Sorted by genre, the page will help you find new acts. Go pay it a visit.

Anna is over in Korea right now, spending lots of time in Hongdae. But also, as one of the winners of the VANK / KTO Blog Korea! Visit Korea! competition, she’s doing a bit of traveling generously funded by the competition’s sponsors. I’m hoping she’ll contribute a post or two about her journeys.

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