Recent highlights on LKL

I hope you don’t mind a bit of trumpet-blowing to thank some new contributors to London Korean Links. Some of them may be one-off, others more long-lasting; all are welcome. Elizabeth Grace covered Stephen Epstein’s recent talk in Cambridge, while Darren Southcott visits Jeju Stone Park and Colette Balmain compares Bong Joon-ho’s murder mysteries. Other […]

Brief review: Kyung Ran Jo: Tongue

Kyung Ran Jo: Tongue Tr Chi-young Kim Korean version 2007 English version Bloomsbury 2009 A lightweight and enjoyable book set among the foodies and fashionistas of Kangnam. A talented young cook is ditched by her trendy architect boyfriend, and spends much of the book getting over it, in a way that is a pleasure to […]

Jeju’s destiny is set in stone

Darren Southcott, recently returned from a stint in Jeju-do, appreciates one of the island’s unique attractions: Jeju Stone Park In this age of globalisation, authentic Korea may seem elusive and challenging for the visitor to find, but there are many sites which seek to preserve the nation’s cultural spirit. Jeju Island, despite heavy tourist development, […]

Yi Chuljin returns

Yi (Lee) Chuljin is an exceptional Korean dancer who has perfected his Buddhist and Shaman-inspired repertories, including Seungmu (Korean Monk dance) and Salpuri (Korean Exorcism dance), which are generally regarded as the most highly accomplished and most aesthetic folk/stage dance forms in Korea. He is particularly known for emotion and aesthetic understanding that is incredibly […]

Human Rights and Military-First Politics in the DPRK. Song Jiyoung at Chatham House

Notice of an upcoming lunchtime round-table at Chatham House: Human Rights and Military-First Politics in the DPRK Tuesday 1 December 2009 13.15-14.30 Speaker: Dr Jiyoung Song, Politics and International Studies (POLIS), University of Cambridge Chair: DR JOHN SWENSON-WRIGHT, Associate Fellow, Asia Programme, Chatham House The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has produced a large […]

Brief review: Transreal at Asia House

The recent exhibition at Asia House, Transreal, presented two very different Korean artists side by side. There was a convenient area of overlap – both artists have produced mountain landscapes in red and white. But while one artist well-represented on these pages – Sea-hyun Lee – pursues his red landscapes with an almost obsessive single-mindedness, […]

Mother reveals Bong’s perversity

LKL reports from the screening of Mother at the Bong Joon-ho retrospective at the British Film Institute on 14 November, with Q&A chaired by Tony Rayns. In a world obsessed with celebrity, youth and beauty, only a director of the stature of Bong Joon-ho could have got away with it. The big name star, Won […]

Wunderkammer at Sesame Art

News of an upcoming group exhibition at Sesame Art, including the work of two Korean artists. We are pleased to announce Wunderkammer, the Chamber of Discoveries, our Christmas exhibition bringing together exciting artists from across the world in an exhibition full of diversity and discovery. Following last year’s Christmas garden, the Wunderkammer focuses on the […]

Korea, recharge your energy

In fifty years since the Korean War, South Korea was catapulted from being one of the poorest countries on the planet, on a par with Ethiopia and Bangladesh, to being one of the OECD countries with a GDP that hovers between 11th and 13th in the world, depending on exchange rates. Now Mr Charm Lee, […]