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Mark Russell’s top 10 Korean films of the Noughties

Mark Russell presents his top 10 films of the noughties I think I agree with #1. How many do you agree with?

  • Kay: I agree with number one but have only seen 2 others from the list so i can’t say >_<
  • Aashish: Thank god Take Care Of My Cat got some well deserved recognition. But no Park Chan Wook is a really brave decision!
  • Philip: Yes, I must go back and watch that again. Must do my own top 10 as well.
  • Colette: I preferred Kim Ki-Duk’s Time and Dream to the The Isle, and actually think Park Chan Wook should have been there. Sympathy for Mr Vengeance is an astonishing film.
  • Philip: Haven’t seen Time or Dream yet, but I loved The Isle. I agree that Mr V would be the PCW film to include on my list, which I’m still constructing.


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