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Arirang sells French Connection

Astrid Berges-Frisbey in the French Connection campaign
Astrid Berges-Frisbey in the French Connection campaign “The Woman”

“This is The Woman,” opens a new ad for French Connection. “The Woman of All Women.” The voiceover is rather reminiscent of British children’s TV programming from the 1960’s (Watch with Mother), albeit with a French accent. The footage is in black and white, adding to the slightly dated feel. And in the background, we hear, as if in the distance, a solitary solo oboe playing Arirang.

[Update 11 August 2020: in case the above YouTube embed is no longer working, you can find the video on the AdForum website]

It’s interesting that the Korean folk-tune is well known enough in the West to be in the repertoire of the advertising creatives. The campaign represents a step forward in sophistication for the fashion brand, which has for the last decade has been playing (in the UK at least) with the deliberately provocative FCUK acronym.

“Going forward we will present French Connection as a credible and focused fashion brand that speaks through its product. It is a brand that celebrates personal style without the gimmicks,” says the French Connection website.

To go with this change of focus, the fashion brand hired Fallon as their advertising agency earlier this year. This is Fallon’s first campaign for the company.

HT to Nami Morris for spotting the ad.

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