Wikileaks on North Korea: hardly controversial

So the Dear Leader is a “Flabby Old Chap“? Who doesn’t put on a bit of weight when getting older, particularly if you don’t get much exercise? # Wikileaks cables reveal China ‘ready to abandon North Korea’. Former UK ambassador Chun Yung-woo quoted. Guardian. # RT @fcaidan: China is NOT ‘abandoning N Korea.’ WikiLeaks […]

Korean War: Memory and Legacy – at Asia House

The event originally scheduled for back in September is now taking place tomorrow, 1 December at Asia House. Korean War: Memory and Legacy, North and South Panellists include Daniel Levitsky and Michael Shin, chaired by Jim Hoare Wednesday 01 Dec, 2010 6:45 PM – 7:45 PM Location: Asia House Doors 18.30 The Korean war of […]

First Thoughts on the Last Godfather

From @ajosshi: An unmissable movie: A few thoughts on Shim Hyung-rae’s new film. # From the trailer it seems as if he’s trying to add a Charlie Chaplin feel to his creation, but if the slapstick is that old and the jokes that unfunny then I’m not sure if even the presence of Harvey […]

Where to start in Korean literature, and five “Classics” to avoid

Charles Montgomery has a great post on where to start in translated Korean literature, and in another article shares Five Korean “Classics” To Avoid: Heartless (Yi Kwang-su, 1917) Aunt Suni (Hyeon Ki-young, 1978) Between Heaven and Earth (Yun Dae-nyong, 1996) A Man (Hwang Soo-won) and Buckwheat Season (Yi Hyo-sok, 1936). One day, I’m going to […]

Ki Sung-yueng and Racism in the British Game

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by a young talented Korea photographer – Daewoong Kim, studying here in London. Daewoong, being interested in photography and football wanted to discuss my experiences interviewing Korean footballers and working within BBC Sport. Needless to say this is the first (and probably last!) time I have been interviewed, […]

North Korea’s silkworm technology

Bored with shelling South Korean islands, North Korea looks to invest in Vietnamese silk. FT blogs: # North Korea’s contribution to any silk venture will be its “silkworm expertise and technology”, Vietnam would, in exchange, provide labour and investment in production facilities.

LKFF Festival Bites: Film Students are Softies

We’d just seen Jang Jin’s contribution to the Human Rights Watch short film collection If You Were Me 2: Someone Grateful (고마운 사람). In it, a student demonstrator is befriended by his police interrogator in the KCIA’s underground torture chambers in the 1980s. It’s a provocative short, because instead of railing against police brutality and […]

Anglo Korean Society annual parliamentary dinner

Notice of the AKS’s annual festive dinner in the Houses of Parliament. This year it’s been upgraded to the House of Lords. The tour of the Houses of Parliament before dinner is also worthwhile. ANGLO – KOREAN SOCIETY JOINT PRESIDENTS H.E. The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Choo Kyu-Ho Dr Robert Hawley CBE CHAIRMAN […]