The London Korean Links Awards 2010

LKL’s fifth unscientific selection of people and events who have made 2010. Personality of the Year No question about this: Kim Yu-na. Olympic champion, 5th-highest earning female sportsperson globally, ambassador for everything from the G20 to the Catholic Church. I’m sure if she ran for president she’d get elected. Albums of the Year Four LKL […]

Trot music as propaganda against the North

Six months ago it was girl bands. Now Trot music is supposed to be S.Korea’s best propaganda weapon against the North # “Pop music can be a powerful psychological weapon targeting the oppressed in the North. We should immediately resume tannoy broadcasts in response to the North’s recent provocations,” declared a South Korean lawmaker. […]

LKL Quiz of the Year 2010

Picture Quiz 1. Identify the main face in this picture. Why is he so emotional about being a miner? 2. Where is this picturesque scene, and why has it been in the news this year? 3. What has someone got very wrong, and what was the occasion? 4. What is this pastime, and why was […]

A review of the London Korean Year 2010

LKL tries to sum up the London Korean cultural year. Live music Possibly the most disappointing thing about 2010 has been the number of top-flight Korean musicians who have been passing through London but not stopping to do a sensible gig there. Biuret played at a private industry showcase before heading off to Southampton – […]

Choco Pies get celebrity endorsement

Choco Pies get celebrity endorsement at Man Utd #. Park Ji-sung is handing them out to Rio Ferdinand @mathmaster86. Tell KimKapsoo to send the sweets to me bro! I ran out of the Korean sweets that I got from Park Ji Sung! Me+my kids ate them — Rio Ferdinand (@rioferdy5) December 11, 2010

Top K-films of the decade: an update

This article is an update of a previous list which is available here. The previous article has further commentary. And LKL’s own personal list is here. I always enjoy lists of people’s favourite films, books and CDs. You might not agree with everything they say, but the list will usually make you pick up something […]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2010: Saharial

Saharial rounds up this year’s Critics’ Choice series with her own picks. It’s not been a great year for album buying for me. I’ve been doing more film and drama watching, and the constant injection of yet anther boy or girl group into the already over-packed market is frankly quite off-putting. The longer I spend […]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2010: Philip

This is the year that Korean music has really started to appear on iTunes, making it a lot more accessible. It’s also a year which has seen a continued emphasis on girl bands, with the Wonder Girls keeping a foothold in the US and Girls Generation and Kara slugging it out in Japan. Some of […]