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LKL Quiz of the Year 2010

Picture Quiz

1. Identify the main face in this picture. Why is he so emotional about being a miner?

2. Where is this picturesque scene, and why has it been in the news this year?

3. What has someone got very wrong, and what was the occasion?

4. What is this pastime, and why was it in the news this year?

Plastic Fantastic

5. Who is rumoured to have had plastic surgery to look more like his grandfather?

6. Girls used to want to look like Jeon Ji-hyun and Lee Hyori. But who is the top female plastic surgery template now?

7. And the top male template?

8. So you thought Plastic Surgery was the most prevalent surgery in Korea? Wrong. Name the most common surgical procedure.

Celebrity shame

9. Match the celebrity with the shameful news story (which may or may not be true):

Celeb Story
A. Lee Hyori
B. MC Mong
C. Choi Cheol-ho
D. Shin Jung-hwan
E. Kwon Sang-woo
a. Went AWOL in the Philippines to hide from gambling debts
b. Beat someone up for saying he/she couldn’t act
c. Released an album with plagiarised songs. Again.
d. Fined 5 million won for a hit and run car crash
e. Underwent extreme dentistry to escape national service

Awards, appointments and honours

Which celeb was named Lovely Legs? - See question below

10. Match the celebrity with the achievement. Each celebrity may have more than one achievement, and more than one celebrity might have acheived the same thing. To confuse you further there may be a bogus achievement thrown in.

Celeb Story
A. Kim Yu-na
B. Wonder Girls
C. Girls Generation
E. Rain
F. Park Ji-sung
G. Han Hyo-joo
H. Lee Byung-hun
a. Appointed ambassador for the Boryeong Mud Fest
b. Had a coin minted in their honour in Tuvalu
c. Famous for the butt dance
d. Named Lovely Legs
e. Had a day named after them in Los Angeles
f. Named a Proud Korean
g. Named Global Goodwill Ambassador for Seoul
h. Appointed a Catholic Ambassador
i. Appointed face of the G20
j. Ranked #38 in list of world’s sexiest women
k. Appointed tourism ambassador for California


What connects:

11. Chelsea Clinton with Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young?
12. Noah’s Ark, two Azimut Benetti luxury yachts and several Steinway grand pianos?
13. The Big Lebowski, Men in Black: Alien Assault, and North Korea’s General Federation of Science and Technology?

North of the Border

Kim Jong-il looking at a radish. from

14. Many stories are told of Kim Jong-il. Some of them might even have a grain of truth. Which of the below stories is definitely NOT true?

a. He has written a book on the Art of Cinema
b. He has invented an invisible mobile phone
c. His preferred game plan in football is robust defence
d. His favourite car is the Mercedes Maybach
e. He keeps a harem called the Pleasure Squad

15. The DPRK struggles to get foreign currency. How does it propose to pay off 5% of its debt to the Czech Republic? And what was the Czech Republic’s counter-offer?

16. Who caused a stir by saying that supporters of the North in South Korea should go and live there?


17. Which of the following British assets are not wholly owned, or do not have significant ownership, by Korean entities?

The HSBC tower, Gatwick Airport and 88 Wood Street
The HSBC headquarters, Gatwick Airport and 88 Wood Street London.

a. The HSBC headquarters in Canary Wharf
b. Gatwick Airport
c. 88 Wood Street in the City of London
d. The highest building in Europe – the Shard of Glass by London Bridge
e. The Port of Dover
f. Dana Petroleum

Shard of Glass, Dover, Dana
The Shard of Glass at London Bridge, Dover Port, and Dana Petroleum

Answers here.

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