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Particles are Expressives: the case of Korean

This Friday’s seminar at SOAS is on the subject of linguistics:

Friday, March 11th, 5pm, room G50 (main building)
Dr. JIEUN KIAER, University of Oxford
Particles are Expressives: the case of Korean

Often, the dimensions of meaning beyond propositional meaning have been understudied or put aside, as those meanings have been considered insignificant and marginal. Contrary to these commonly-held beliefs, Potts (2005) has given us a new way of looking at meanings, by pointing out and discussing the “other”, rather hidden aspect of meanings; their expressive content. This talk was inspired by this observation, and further extends the scope of “expressives”. Previously, Potts and Kawahara (2004) and Kim and Sells (2007) argued that so-called honorific particles represent expressive meanings. I extend this view and argue that most particles in Korean/Japanese have expressive contents and behave like expressives. In particular, I will focus on “repeatable/incremental” use of various particles and their meaning.

Speaker Bio:
Jieun Kiaer is a Young Bin Min-Korea Foundation Lecturer in Korean Language and Linguistics at the University of Oxford. Her research interests are Syntax, Phonology and their interface, Psycholinguisitcs and Korean-Japanese comparative/contrastive linguistics.

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