2011 travel diary – the index

30 April Arrival: Rain in Samcheongdong 1 May The Changdeokgung and Biwon Korean Rhapsody at the Leeum 2 May The hangover in Busan, including a brief visit to Beomeosa 3 May The private side of Sancheong: Jeongchwiam and Suseonsa 4 May Sanshinje by the sacred stones and the opening of the annual herbal medicine festival […]

The Royal Wedding – the Tweets

Ambassador Martin Uden blogs about the view of the Royal Wedding from South Korea http://t.co/RNKAQo5 via @AddThis # North Korean Ambassador Ja Song-nam has been invited to the Royal Wedding http://bit.ly/ljPJmJ # ROK Ambassador Choo Kyu-ho will also be at the wedding. At least the Royal protocol people got that bit right. # Nice to […]

AKS members-only visit to Standard Chartered HQ

Here’s your excuse to join the Anglo-Korean Society, which you have been meaning to do for a while. Tour of Standard Chartered Bank 1 Basinghall Avenue, London, EC2V 5DD Wednesday 18th May 2011. 6.00pm for 6.30pm Walk into Standard Chartered’s London Head Office; you will find a piece of Asia transplanted into the Square Mile. […]

Korean Rockets Part 1 – the Singijeon

As stated previously (in Korean Naval Firepower Part 1), there is evidence to suggest that gunpowder was in use in Korea during the Three Kingdoms period (57~668 AD). If, as some scholars believe, saltpeter firearms were invented in Korea in the 7th century, this would place the invention 100 years before it is believed to […]

Victoria gets Korean

Yesterday I had a spot of luck. I was venturing into central London via my usual train terminus, London Victoria and whilst negotiating my way around the busy junction where Vauxhall bridge road meets Victoria Street when I spotted something rather interesting, a new Korean eatery. I may have a sixth sense when it comes […]

Korean Culture Report – the podcast you’ve been waiting for

Here’s something that deserves your attention. The latest podcast to arrive in the K-blogosphere is focused without being too brief, and informative and discursive without outstaying its welcome: The Korean Culture Report is run by the Korean Modern Literature in Translation blogmeister Charles Montgomery, with partners in crime Paul “Ajosshi” Matthews – often to be […]

Summer 2011 Korean studies seminars at SOAS

Two Friday evening seminars have been announced so far – see below. I’ve posted a brief review of Chris Springer’s book here. Date: Friday, 6 May 2011 Time: 17.00-19.00 Title: Representations of colonial Korea in print and in visual imagery Speaker: Dr Susan House Wade (University of Brighton) Venue: Room G50, Ground Floor, Main Building […]

Obama lauds South Korean education

Most people who have had contact with South Korean culture, especially in a teaching context, know that Koreans take education seriously. I asked a Korean friend for chapter and verse on this, and she told me the following. Elementary schools start at 8:30 and finish between 12:30 (first grade) and 2:30 (sixth grade). Pupils usually […]

Kang Yi-kwan’s Sakwa screens at the KCC

The last of the wedding themed films at the KCC this month is Sakwa (2008). It didn’t get brilliant reviews when it came out, but it does have Moon So-ri as the lead, so it’s got to be worth watching. This Thursday, 28 April. DIRECTOR: Kang Yi-kwan RUNNING TIME: 118 mins DATE: 7:00pm, April 28 […]

Win a honeymoon on Jeju Island

Here’s a nice little promotion which brings together a celebration of the UK Royal Wedding and the promotion of Jeju Island, that favourite of honeymoon destinations, as a candidate for New 7 Wonders. Plan your ideal honeymoon itinerary, and then get a chance to realise it. There’s lots to see on Jeju-do, but one of […]

3rd Terracotta Festival, 5-8 May

Two Korean films are included in the Terracotta Festival: Man of Vendetta 파괴된 사나이, Friday 6th May 19.35. A thriller directed by Woo Min-Ho about Pastor Ju Young-su (Kim Myung-Min), a man of rock solid faith whose life is shattered when his 5-year-old daughter is kidnapped. He seeks God with desperate prayers for her safe […]

Yun-Kyung Jeong: Axonometric, at Sumarria Lunn

AXONOMETRIC / 11/05/11 – 04/06/11 YUN-KYUNG JEONG Exhibition runs: 11th May to 4th June 2011 Location: 36 South Molton Lane, Mayfair, London W1K 5AB SUMARRIA LUNN is proud to present a solo exhibition of work by Yun-Kyung Jeong. Axonometry has played a part in artistic practice for centuries. In essence, it means to ‘skew’ perspective. […]