Scorched Earth, Black Snow: Andrew Salmon presents his new book at the KCC

Last year Andrew Salmon presented his book To the Last Round at the KCC, in a fascinating evening. Another year, another book.

To the Last Round is a great book, and it was sad that it really took the mainstream press a while to notice and appreciate it. This time round, the blogs and the broadsheets seem to be lining up to give Andrew the publicity he deserves. Go along to the KCC on 21 June, and expect a riveting evening.

Scorched Earth, Black SnowScorched Earth, Black Snow:
Britain and Australia in the Korean War, 1950

A talk by Andrew Salmon
6.30pm Tuesday 21 June 2011
Multipurpose Hall, Korean Cultural Centre UK

Entry is free but RSVP to or +44 (0)207 227 5500

Though almost entirely unknown in the UK, the Korean War consumed more British lives than the Falklands, Iraq and Afghan conflicts combined; established China – the erstwhile “Sick Man of Asia” – as a superpower; and even today, holds the potential to reignite and unleash a nuclear catastrophe across East Asia.

In a presentation illustrated with some 200 photographs and paintings, many never seen in the UK, Seoul-based author Andrew Salmon will bring this grim struggle back to life as he discusses the story of Anglo-Australian forces in the war’s most dramatic – and terrible – months. Episodes include:

  • The deployment of the under-manned, under-equipped, and under-gunned 27th Infantry Brigade – at a single week’s notice;
  • The tragedy of Hill 282 – an episode in which the author believes Whitehall red-inked the final words of the first (posthumous) VC of the Korean War;
  • The brigade’s spearhead role in the UN counter-invasion of North Korea – where, in a series of battles, it decimated Kim Il-sung’s army;
  • China’s shock offensive – and 27th Brigade’s fight for survival at Pakchon; and
  • The brigade’s covering action below Kunu-ri, “The Gauntlet” – and the retreat to the 38th Parallel.

Andrew will conclude with the audio-visual presentation, Green Beret, White Hell – an account of the Royal Marine commandos who fought with the 1st US Marine Division in the coldest, darkest, most harrowing battle of modern history: Chosin Reservoir.

The experiences of the Korean people – helpless as their land was put to the torch amid the coldest winter of living memory – will be covered. The presenter will address the issue of atrocities, and will illuminate near-fantastical events, which are, nevertheless, established historical fact. These include:

  • The bizarre night encounter at Sariwon;
  • The death of Taskforce Drysdale, fighting 9-1 odds in “Hellfire Valley;”
  • The “White Star of Koto-ri,” and the “Cliffhanger at Funchilin Pass;” and
  • The winter voyage of SS Meredith Victory, “The Ship of Miracles.”

About the Presenter : Andrew Salmon covers the Koreas for Forbes, Monocle, The South China Morning Post, The Times and The Washington Times. His first Korean War history, To the Last Round: The Epic British Stand on the Imjin River, Korea, 1951 won the inaugural Osprey Publishing/Hampshire Libraries award for “Best Military Book of 2009.” In 2010, Andrew was presented with a “Korea Wave” award at South Korea’s National Assembly for his contribution to the literature of the war.

* Refreshments will be served before and after the talk in the Reception area.

Contact for further enquiries:
Press Office, Embassy of the Republic of Korea
Phone : +44 (0)207 227 5500 (Switch board)
Email :


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