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Korean performers at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe

Korean performers are continuing their tradition of bringing entertaining shows to the Edinburgh Fringe. Alongside the significant Korean productions as part of the main festival this year, you will find physical theatre, puppetry, traditional and indie music, and much more:

Gaksi, Mago

Gaksi, MagoCategory: Theatre
Genres: drama
Group: Kkachidong
Venue: theSpaces @ Surgeons Hall
Event Website:
Date: 15-20 August
Time: 13:40
Duration: 1 hour
Suitability: 12+

Gaksi, Mago pursues a new show format. The actors transcend time and space by using their bodies, language, puppets and masks. Gagsi, from traditional Korean puppet drama, takes a long journey with some women from central Africa and Afghanistan to meet Mago, the Korean great mother God. They gain supernatural powers and return to the real world that is ruled by violent men, and they start to punish this contradictory world.

The Babbling Comedy 2

Babbling Comedy 2Category: Theatre
Genres: Clown, comedy
Group: Perfordian Factory (Korea)
Venue: C venues – C
Event Website:
Date: 3-28 August
Time: 15:15
Duration: 55 minutes
Suitability: U

Amazing babbling babies from Korea return with a brand new show. Physical theatre, comedy, mime, magic, juggling and beat-box. Truly unique. Fun for the Whole family.
***** ( **** (

PopUp! The Amazing Adventures of Moo-Dong

Pop-up: the amazing adventures of Moo-dongCategory: Childrens Shows
Genres: puppetry, theatre
Group: Theatre Bom (Korea)
Venue: C venues – C
Event Website:
Date: 3-29 August
Time: 11:10
Duration: 55 minutes
Suitability: U (3+)

Watch famous paintings come to life before your eyes! Memorable and unique way of introducing young audiences to the magic of art. Packed with puppets, video, dance, music and much more!

Expect reinterpretations of cubist and surrealist works, and be introduced to Korea’s famous genre painter Kim Hong-do.

Jasmine Gwangju

Jasmine Gwangju posterCategory: Dance & Physical Theatre
Genres: drama, international
Group: Gwangju Metropolitan City
Venue: Venue150 @ EICC
Event Website:
Date: 13-19 August
Time: 17:30
Duration: 1 hour
Suitability: U

Jasmine Gwangju celebrates the rich cultural history of the Korean city of Gwangju and tells the inspiring story of its famed Democratisation Movement, the uprising against military dictatorship in 1980 which, although brutally put-down, paved the way for later movements that eventually brought democracy and prosperity to South Korea. Gwangju 1980 meets Tunisia 2011 – ‘Jasmine Gwangju’ is a story about the human spirit, of hope, despair and ultimate triumph told through music, mass drums, traditional costume and ritual dance in this large-scale spectacular production.

Korean Drum: Journey of a Soul

Korean Drum - Journey of a SoulCategory: Dance & Physical Theatre
Genres: international, performance art
Group: Kook Soo-Ho’s Didim Dance Company
Venue: Assembly Hall
Event Website: (not currently working)
Date: 4-29 August
Time: 16:00
Duration: 1 hour
Suitability: U
Age: Universal

Thrilling audiences in more than 30 countries with a vibrant reworking of traditional Korean dance steps to drum rhythms, the Didim Dance Company has achieved a worldwide reputation, performing to such as the Winter Universiade, the Donau Music festival and the Russian Bolshoi Theatre. Choreographed by the nation’s most celebrated dancer Soo-Ho Kook, who updates his national cultural inheritance to spectacular effect in such events as the ceremony of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, 2002 Korean/Japan World Cup and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This performance excites all your senses with its colourful exuberance.

When Summer Holds the Rain

Hugh KeiceCategory: Music
Genres: pop
Group: Hugh Keice
Venue: The Jazz Bar
Event Website:
Date: 22-28 August
Time: Times vary. Visit Fringe Website for details
Duration: 1 hour
Suitability: 18+

Hugh Keice the award-winning South Korean singer/songwriter will be performing songs from his debut album ‘When Summer Holds The Rain’. Hand crafted in his London flat, blending a combination of acid jazz, neo soul and soft rock delivering a truly authentic and organic sounds. The performance will be an intimate, groovy session, bound to immerse you into his world of great melodies and state of mind. ‘Dr Keice of Asia/UK takes a Fun Lovin’ Criminals Blow Monkeys approach with some very nice lead git wig outs too’ ( ‘The new pop voice of East End’ (

(automatically generated) Read LKL’s review of this event here.

2 thoughts on “Korean performers at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe

  1. If some of these excellent performers came to London, it would give the opportunity for Korean traditional art to be showcased before and wide and diverse audience. I hope they visit London after completing the tour of Edinburgh.

  2. I think in the past there’s been a one-off performance of one of the Fringe acts at the KCC, usually announced at very short notice. But unfortunately the acts in the main festival can’t perform in London – apparently that’s part of the deal.

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