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Event news: Possessed screens at the KCC

Leading up to Halloween, the films at the KCC this month aim to scare. First up, Possessed, aka Living Death (불신지옥).

Possessed (불신지옥)

Possessed posterDirector: Lee Yong-ju (2009, 100mins)
Screening Date: 7pm, October 06, 2011
Number of Seats: 125
Theatre: Multi-purpose Hall

A young girl named So-jin survives a terrible car accident which left her father dead. It was a miracle for her to still be alive but her mother thinks that it was the power of prayer and she becomes obsessed with the church. Her older sister, Hee-jin receives a phone call from her mother that So-jin has disappeared. A detective named Tae-hwan starts investigation and faces a series of mysterious death of people around So-jin. While looking for So-jin, Hee-jin and Tae-hwan discover that So-jin’s disappearance and the deaths are mysteriously linked.


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One thought on “Event news: Possessed screens at the KCC

  1. This is the first time I ever walked out of a Korean film, though I’ve been tempted in the past. It’s not a particularly bad film. It’s just that I got fed up with it and didn’t care enough about anyone in it to make me stay for the second hour. I wasn’t bothered whether So-jin was dead or missing. I was fed up with the regular as clockwork brooding, vaguely scary scene every 5 minutes. I suspected the ending might not resolve everything, and thought: I’d rather be reading a book.

    Reading Cloud Atlas at the moment – which Bae Doo-na will be appearing in when the Wachowskis make the film. Really can’t put the book down it’s so good.

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