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Why I’m beginning to warm to Netflix

After a rocky start with Netflix, I’m now coming round to it. I started subscribing to the online service in order to watch Okja, the Netflix-only feature film by director Bong Joon-ho. Although that particular experience was a big disappointment, I continued the subscription in case I was tempted by any of the other movies … [Read More]

Event news: Possessed screens at the KCC

Leading up to Halloween, the films at the KCC this month aim to scare. First up, Possessed, aka Living Death (불신지옥). Possessed (불신지옥) Director: Lee Yong-ju (2009, 100mins) Screening Date: 7pm, October 06, 2011 Number of Seats: 125 Theatre: Multi-purpose Hall Synopsis: A young girl named So-jin survives a terrible car accident which left her … [Read More]