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Six years old today

LKL is officially 6 years old today.

6th birthday cakeI wasn’t quite sure what LKL would be when it started, but I certainly didn’t expect it to be taking up as much of my time as it does now – probably around 2-3 hours a day on average.

I intended it to be partly a personal diary of my own engagement with Korean culture, and for it to be of assistance to others who were just starting on their own journey of discovery.

Six years ago there was the established K-blogosphere and Darcy’s excellent 2,770 posts, 3.7 million visits and 14 million LKL page views after I started1, a great deal has changed. There are now plenty of great K-film review blogs, loads of food blogs, at least two blogs devoted to Korean literature, and countless K-pop blogs plus the invaluable Indieful ROK and KoreanIndie. Within London, LKL now has competition from, among others, Kimchi Soul and the Korean Class Massive. And there will be many more that I haven’t come across. The blogosphere is ever-changing and it’s hard to keep up.

Each new blog brings its own fresh outlook and will take its followers to a better understanding of Korean culture. After 6 years at it, and 5 years of involvement in Korean culture before I discovered blogging, I’m maybe not as fresh as I was, so new blogs are necessary. But there’s still plenty to keep me interested, and I reckon I’ll still be going for a good few more years yet.

Happy Independence Movement Day.

  1. Source: the AWstats tool loaded on my server – not sure how accurate it is. []

7 thoughts on “Six years old today

  1. Many warm congratulations! (and thank you for the links ^^)
    It’s been a good few years since I first came across LKL. Wish you and the other contributors the very best in your continued blogging endeavors.

  2. Happy Birthday to LKL. Many many happy returns to LKL! LKL gives so much pleasure for Koreans and British alike to link both cultural aspects in London.

  3. Congratulations LKL!Thanks for such a consistently excellent website. My life in London would be much boring-er without your ace blog. Thanks for the inspiration, and Happy Birthday LKL! xxxxxx

  4. Congratulations to LKL and to Philip. I think LKL is an important link between Korea and London, and a very good way for Londoners to know more about Korea and Koreans. Also, at this time when print journalism is in crisis, LKL is an important form of online new media for readers.

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