Korean performers at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe

Yes, it’s the Olympics and yes, we’ve been having a feast of Korean culture over the past few weeks in London. But let’s not forget that London is not the centre of the universe: August is upon us, which means it’s the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe. Which means lots of Korean performers, particularly physical theatre, […]

LKL interviewed by Yonhap

I had an interview with a Yonhap journalist on a hot sweaty Tuesday evening this week at the KCC. Here’s the write-up. It generated a fair bit of traffic, which is how I knew it had been published. Hope I didn’t say anything stupid.

Kayageum and lion dance at Kingston Summer Breeze

Kayageum and Guitar duo Kaya, featuring Jung Ji-eun (kayageum) and Jeon Sung-min (guitar) will be performing at the Summer Breeze event in Kingston’s Cranbury Gardens (KT2 5AU) near the Bandstand, on Saturday 4 August. There will also be a Korean lion dance from the Bongsan Mask Dance Group. The event runs 12:00 – 6:00 pm. […]

Witty Specsavers ad irritates academics

The quick-thinking Specsavers ad capitalising on the Olympic flag gaffe seems to have ruffled a feather in academic circles for being written in bad Korean. So what if “Specsavers” should be at the beginning of the sentence? Putting it there would have completely baffled the non-Korean speaking audience it’s aimed at.

Daytime Drinking – the perfect hangover cure

Daytime Drinking is a gentle comedy which is the perfect antidote the view that Korean cinema has lost its way. And it’s a film which makes you feel connected to Korea much more than many of the horror and action films which come our way. From the soulless self-catering guesthouse (or “pension”) in the mountains […]

Oh dear

The first mess-up of the games: I really don’t blame the North Korean team for walking off. (Image source) Links: North Korea Threatens to Destroy Glasgow in a ‘Sea of Fire’, Dokdo Times, 26 July 2012