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Korean Pansori and Western Performer Training – Global Korea lecture at the KCC

Following last week’s lecture on Korean literature, the KCCUK gives us another interesting introductory lecture:

Korean Pansori and Western Performer Training

Tara McAllister-VielDATE: Tuesday 3 July 2012 18.30
VENUE: Korean Cultural Centre UK
Speaker: Dr. Tara McAllister-Viel, Head of Voice
East 15 School of Acting (University of Essex)

Celebrating our 2012 summer festival, ‘All Eyes on Korea’, Korean Cultural Centre UK is hosting a series of lectures to support and compliment our programme of events. For this, Music lecturer Dr. Tara McAllister-Viel will have talks on P’ansori, Korean traditional musical drama.

P’ansori is a unique form of art, which is unfamiliar in the west. Like the ‘blues’ sound which is linked to particular types of emotions the ‘sori’ of P’ansori is well suited for the performance representation of ‘han,’ or ‘grief.’ Furthermore, today’s P’ansori artists continue to experiment with forms and creating intercultural performances from standard Korean texts in translation, or developing original P’ansori story-songs that address modern topics.

Dr. Tara McAllister-viel will share her experience of implementing the Korean traditional vocal art form, P’ansori into an original voice curriculum. This lecture introduces key principles and practices of Korean P’ansori and contrasts the styles of vocal training and performance with Western actor training. The lecture will result in a better understanding of the rich traditions of P’ansori, as well as offering a glimpse at the exciting developments in this evolving art form.

Please send us your RSVP to [email protected] or Phone 0207 004 2600

Dr. Tara McAllister-Viel is Head of Voice at East 15 School of Acting (University of Essex). Previously, she was Visiting Professor-Voice at The Korean National University of Arts, School of Drama, (Seoul, Korea) leading the voice programmes for the graduate and undergraduate conservatoire acting courses. Over the course of four years, Tara designed and implemented original voice curriculum integrating Western voice training with a Korean traditional P’ansori. She studied privately with Human Cultural Treasures Han Nong Son and Song Uhyang.

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