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Kkokdu – a cortege’s colourful attendants

Accompanying the KCC’s exhibition of Korean funerary figures, Charlotte Horlyck gave a helpful lecture providing some historical background and context to these colourful wooden characters. The talk was particularly valuable as the introduction provided by the director of the Kkokdu Museum a few weeks previously had lacked much content. While generally admitting that not much … [Read More]

Funeral Figurines: A Unique Art Form of Traditional Korea

The opening talk of the current KCC exhibition, presented by the director of the museum who has provided the exhibits, was a little short on information on these charming funeral dolls. So Charlotte Horlyck’s upcoming talk is very welcome. Funeral Figurines: A Unique Art Form of Traditional Korea Global Korea Lecture: ‘Korean Culture Shining Bright’ … [Read More]

Korean Music: Tradition, Innovation, and Identity

For those not going to HJ Lim’s barnstorming debut at the Wigmore on Friday evening, there’s the last of this month’s All Eyes on Korea / Global Korea Lectures on aspects of Korean culture. Wish I could do both. If you’ve heard Keith Howard lecture before, you know you’re in for a fascinating evening at … [Read More]

Introducing Korean Cuisine at the KCC

Book immediately for what promises to be a very popular demonstration at the KCC on Wednesday. Introducing Korean Cuisine DATE: Wednesday 18 July 2012, 19.00 VENUE: Korean Cultural Centre UK Master Chef Tony Yoo Executive Chef with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea Korean Cuisine is known across the world for its taste and … [Read More]

Eyes on Korea – a lecture by Ralph Rugoff

As part of the K-arts stream of All Eyes on Korea, Ralph Rugoff will be giving a talk on contemporary Korean arts at the KCC on Friday 13th July. There’s a rumour that Kim Beom, whose exhibition starts at the Hayward Gallery Project Space the following week will also be part of the evening. Not … [Read More]

Korean Pansori and Western Performer Training – Global Korea lecture at the KCC

Following last week’s lecture on Korean literature, the KCCUK gives us another interesting introductory lecture: Korean Pansori and Western Performer Training DATE: Tuesday 3 July 2012 18.30 VENUE: Korean Cultural Centre UK Speaker: Dr. Tara McAllister-Viel, Head of Voice East 15 School of Acting (University of Essex) Celebrating our 2012 summer festival, ‘All Eyes on … [Read More]

North Korea’s nuclear threat and the upcoming Seoul Nuclear Security Summit

In March 2012, South Korea will be hosting the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit. Mark Fitzpatrick, director of the Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Programme at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, will introduce some of the issues at December’s Global Korea Lecture at the KCC. Pre-registration necessary. North Korea’s nuclear threat and the upcoming Seoul Nuclear Security … [Read More]

Formula 1 Fan Forum with Mark Blundell

To mark the second Korean Grand Prix coming up in October, the KCC will be holding a Formula 1 event on 5 September. This is the first Global Korea event related to sports, and should draw in a diverse audience. F1 Fan Forum Hosted by Former F1 Driver and Le Mans 24hrs Winner Mark Blundell … [Read More]

Thank you

Tonight at the Korean Cultural Centre, I’m told that it was a record attendance for a Global Korea Lecture. So, thanks to the people who came along to my talk. I think I said most of the things I wanted to, but missed a couple of things. More importantly, thanks to the Ministry of Culture, … [Read More]

The LKL book launch event – 17 May

It’s official – it’s the Royal Ancestors book launch event. There’s no backing out now. I guess I need to figure out what I’m going to say. As usual, pre-booking is essential, this time with the Embassy press office. I look forward to seeing you there. Details below. ROYAL ANCESTORS AND CONTEMPORARY CULTURE A talk … [Read More]