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An apology to LKL subscribers

LKL Badge-tbIf you are reading this, it is because you are one of my loyal subscribers who get new articles delivered into your email inbox as soon as a post is published. You’re probably waiting for news of a recently-organised event. Instead, you find a post with no useful information in it.

As you may know, London Korean Links is a spare-time hobby, so often I don’t have time to post everything I want to, when I want to. Also, while I run it in part as a service to those who are interested in following Korea-related events in London, it’s also my own private project which is, broadly, a diary of my own encounters with Korean culture, and an archive of various aspects of Korean culture in which I take an interest. And within that project I fequently get rather behind, or discover things that I should have noticed in the past. I’m still writing up my reviews, for example, of the Venice Biennale in 2013, and of my 2011 Korea trip. And I’m constantly finding out about past exhibitions of artists I’m following now, and I want to log those past exhibitions because sometimes the websites that record them delete the information or go out of existence themselves. So often I publish a post but back-date it to be closer to the event to which the post relates. Just like this post is backdated by three years so that only you are likely to read it.

So, apologies if you often come across historical posts in your inbox with no current relevance. But thank you for sharing my own little passion with me.

One thought on “An apology to LKL subscribers

  1. No apologies needed, Philip. LKL is a wonderful resource to keep people connected and knowledgeable of London/Korean events, and any personal time and resources you are able to devote to it is most appreciated. It is also up to us to help each other by posting appropriate Korean related events as we learn of them. Thanks for all you do to help keep everyone informed and connected, and for keeping LKL working for everyone.

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