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Girl band is one of the DPRK’s Great Innovations of 2012

Singers from the Moranbong Academy
Singers from the Moranbong Band

The KCNA has a press release which celebrates the many innovations in the year in which the DPRK became a great and prosperous nation.

Immediately after an introductory passage praising the “ideologocial might” of the military, and before a listing of the many new factories and other technological achievements comes a brief paragraph on soft power:

There raged the hot wind of making innovations our own way in a big manner with the flame of industrial revolution in the new century, the flame kindled in South Hamgyong Province.The creating spirit and working traits displayed by the Moranbong Band which appeared like a comet amid the high-pitched drive for great change spurred the development of society as a whole.

Actually, looking at the two-hour-long video of one of their concerts, they’re more than a girl band: more a large group of crossover instrumentalists and singers who happen to be female. And they are not all dressed as shown in the photo above, but clearly it’s that sort of photo which catches the eyes.


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