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The Guardian goes to Gangnam

The Guardian gets rewarded for its K-pop coverage with a free trip to Seoul – though they feel obliged to spend most of their time in Gangnam covering the K-pop businsess in the resulting travel article. But there are a couple of interesting quotes which sum up the way many people get into Korean culture:

“It’s the gateway drug,” laughs Lavinia Pletosu, a 22-year-old from Italy. “The more you get into the music, the more you want to know about the language, the history, the culture, the food …”

Canadian Mary Zhang agrees: “When I was 15, I wanted to learn Korean so I could write to singer Kim Junsu: he’s a total god. After years of listening to K-pop and practising the moves, though, I wanted to come and learn about the country.”

Shame the headline editor is new to the business and so doesn’t realise how tiresome the “Seoul” puns are getting. Read the full article here.

Districts of Seoul

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