The Guardian goes to Gangnam

The Guardian gets rewarded for its K-pop coverage with a free trip to Seoul – though they feel obliged to spend most of their time in Gangnam covering the K-pop businsess in the resulting travel article. But there are a couple of interesting quotes which sum up the way many people get into Korean culture: […]

Ko Un featured in the Guardian

Korean poetry in translation isn’t much featured on the web anywhere, so when a major UK broadsheet features Ko Un, Korea’s most famous poet, together with his Cornish translator Brother Anthony, it is a cause for celebration. The Guardian has a nice piece on his appearance at the Aldeburgh poetry festival (3-4 November), which is […]

Pyongyang goes Pop

Pyongyang goes pop: @Alex Hoban starts a series of reports on North Korea’s music scene for the Grauniad: # The full series can be found here:

Wikileaks on North Korea: hardly controversial

So the Dear Leader is a “Flabby Old Chap“? Who doesn’t put on a bit of weight when getting older, particularly if you don’t get much exercise? # Wikileaks cables reveal China ‘ready to abandon North Korea’. Former UK ambassador Chun Yung-woo quoted. Guardian. # RT @fcaidan: China is NOT ‘abandoning N Korea.’ WikiLeaks […]