No Artificial Flavour: an upcoming online gallery for Korean artists and designers

Some of the works on show at 4482 in 2010
Some of the works on show at the 4482 / Sasapari exhibition in 2010. Some of the artists are now back in Korea, some are still (just) in London. Some have galleries to represent them, others don’t

At LKL we hadn’t realised, until Hanmi Gallery drew our attention to it in December, that the vitality of the London Korean art scene had been dealt a damaging blow by the closure of the Tier 1 (Post-study work) Visa to new applicants from 6 April 2012, which pretty much means that overseas students have to go home as soon as they graduate.

Exhibitions such as the annual Sasapari / 4482 show display the work of about 60 Korean artists – students and recent graduates – but this is by no means the full population of Korean artists and designers who are in the UK at any one time. Speaking as an observer and consumer of Korean art, when there are so many artists clamouring for my attention it often takes a while for me to get to know the work of a particular artist – as much as two or three years of seeing their work. And by the time I get to know the work, and the artist, it’s time for them to be sent back to Korea as their student visa runs out.

Artists need exhibition time to get their work known, and preferably sold. But gallery space is in limited supply and is expensive. So for many reasons we’re happy that there is a proposed new venture, No Artificial Flavour, which aims to address some of these problems by giving some online gallery space to these Korean artists. We heard about the initiative as we chatted to its organisers outside Mokspace gallery last week. We wish the initiative every success. One thing though: the website is still under construction. The gallery is still assembling their roster of artists, and the website is targeted to be fully online during February.

Here is a release from the online gallery’s Director, Yunjoo Cho:

No Artificial Flavour Ltd

No Artificial Flavour logo

Founded in 2012, ‘No Artificial Flavour’ is an online Art Gallery which showcases the finest art work created by students and recent graduates emerging from Korea, and from Korea-based artists.

The main purpose of the website is to promote the art and culture of Korea to the European market. Experiencing the rapid growth of Asian Art, the gallery would like to introduce exceptional artists under the category of Korean art and culture, as well as selling original artworks to the public.

The most important reason for us to establish this online gallery is to give Korean art students and up-and-coming artists, who have studied and graduated from the colleges or art institutions in the UK, the opportunity to express their art world in Europe as the most of them need to leave the country as soon as finishing the courses because of ever changing Visa policies for international students. In other words, there are not many places and chances for them to show their talent and works.

On our online gallery, we showcase a wide selection of fine art, contemporary visual art, and applied art. While most online art galleries tend to concentrate only on paintings, we find it very important to include not just original paintings but also any form of art which is creative such as prints, ceramics, glass, sculpture, jewellery, fashion, furniture and so on. We therefore have a much wider selection of artwork available than that can be found at galleries.

In today’s world, where the internet plays a huge role in all our lives, we believe this to be the perfect and practical way for Korean artists to display many of their artworks internationally and furthermore to market their works.

If anyone interested in our website for more information, please contact us:

Director: Yunjoo Cho

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