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Photos of King Taejo’s tomb in Kaesong

Wang Kon tomb

The Rodong Sinmun has some nice pictures and a brief article on the tomb of Wang Kon, founder of the Koryo dynasty as King Taejo. The tomb is one of the Historic Monuments and Sites of Kaesong recently entered into the UNESCO list of world heritage.

Update: links to the full set of Rodong Sinmun’s articles on the Kaesong heritage sites:

  1. Mausoleum of King Wang Kon (20 July 2013)
  2. Mausoleum of King Kongmin (22 July 2013)
  3. Kaesong Namdae Gate (22 July 2013)
  4. Kaesong Walls (23 July 2013)
  5. Sungyang Sowon (24 July 2013)
  6. Phyochung Monuments (3 August 2013)
  7. Sonzuk Bridge (5 August 2013)
  8. Koryo Songgyungwan (6 August 2013)
  9. Manwoldae (6 August 2013)
  10. Kaesong Chomsongdae (7 August 2013)
  11. Seven Tombs Cluster (8 Auguest 2013
  12. Myongrung Cluster (9 August 2013)

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