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Korea-related events at the 2013 Edinburgh International Festival

Thanks to the KCC for pulling together a list of the Korea-related performances and events at the 2013 Edinburgh International Festival. And thanks to the many sponsors, which include Gyeonggi Province and Cultural Foundation, the Korea Foundation, University of Edinburgh, Alba Chruthachail, the Ministry of Culture Sport & Tourism, KOCCA, KAMS and the KCC, for making it all possible.

Korean Artists at the Edinburgh International Festival 2013

Dates: 9 August ~ 19 October 2013
Venue: Edinburgh, Scotland
Box Office: or 0131 473 2000

Transmitted Live: Nam June Paik Resounds

Nam June Paik Resounds
Date: 9 Aug (Fri) ~ 19 Oct (Sat) 10:00-17:00
Venue: Talbot Rice Gallery

Transmitted Live: Nam June Paik Resounds celebrates the 50th anniversary of Paik’s first solo exhibition, Exposition of Music – Electronic Television (Wuppertal 1963), when the artist brought television into the realm of art for the first time, presenting it as a tactile and multisensory medium. As part of the counter-cultural movements of the 1960s, Paik believed that artists should humanise technology, get their ‘fingers in and tear away the walls’ of the establishment. Paik, a trained musician, treated technology as a material part of his repertoire, which later expanded to include video, satellite transmissions, robots and lasers.

Related performances:

Media Skins

Media Skins
Date: 9 Aug (Fri) ~ 1 Sep (Sun)
Venue: Outside Usher Hall, Lothian Road

Seeing is believing, but believing what? Experience the spectacular and ask yourself what you believe, especially about the future and your place in that future, as you try to absorb a proliferation of LED images (satellite pictures from Korea Aerospace Research Institute) of both Scottish and Korean cultures in this astonishing transformation of the analogue world to the digital.

In Media Skins, photographer and media artist Hyung Su Kim explores new artistic expressions in public spaces by creating media facades using LEDs. Kim’s works transform familiar spaces and public spaces, whether the interior or exterior of buildings, theatres or even mountains into extraordinary places infused with possibilities through memories, history and re-inventions.

The works will be displayed outside Usher Hall, Lothian Road and at Festival Theatre, Edinburgh.

Madame Freedom

Madame Freedom
Date: 20 (Tue) & 21 (Wed) Aug 20:00
Venue: King’s Theatre
Tickets: £12~£30

A stunning and stirring fusion of live performance, fantastical filmed imagery and innovative digital technology, Madame Freedom dances with the classic Korean film of the 1950s of the same name, as well as with themes of identity, myth, and a sense of being trapped by the past. It tells the story of an ordinary woman and her dreams – of different lives, of different selves – and the choices that she can or cannot make.

(automatically generated) Read LKL’s review of this event here.

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