Chihwaseon at the KCC

The Choi Min-sik season at the KCC continues on 8 August. As usual, booking is required via the KCC website.

Chihwaseon (취화선)

Director: Im Kwon-taek (2002)
Running Time: 120min
Screening Date: 7pm, 8 August 2013

Chihwaseon poster


This multi award winning film from director Im Kwon-taek sees Choi Min-sik playing renowned Korean painter Jang Seung-up in the 19th Century.

Mentored as a child by Kim Byung-moon, Jang Seung-up spends his life perfecting his art in a destructive cycle of drugs, women, and alcohol. Set in the backdrop of the ever changing, social and political landscape of the time thanks to the struggle of dominance between China, Japan and Korea.

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