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Exhuma (파묘) – UK theatrical release

A shaman is offered a large amount of money to move a tomb. He moves with his companion, Ji Gwan. After suffering from serial paranormal events, a wealthy family living in LA summons a young rising shaman duo Hwa-rim (KIM Go-eun) and Bong-gil (LEE Do-hyun) to save the newborn of the family. Once they arrive, … [Read More]

Festival Film Review: Heaven – To the Land of Happiness

In recent years the LKFF programmers have been getting into a groove of scheduling indie, minority interest movies for the closing film of the festival. This year, they turned things upside down by programming the festival’s most appealing film (for me, at least,) to end the fortnight. Yes, the opening movie, Mogadishu, is the top … [Read More]

Chihwaseon screens at the National Gallery

The second in the London East Asia Film Festival’s KCinema 100 series is Chihwaseon by the veteran director Im Kwon-taek, which tells the story of iconoclastic Joseon Dynasty artist Jang Seung-eop (pen name Owon). It will be screened at the National Gallery. Chihwaseon (취화선) Dir: Im Kwon-taek (2002, 116 mins) Cast: Choi Min-sik, Ahn Sung-ki … [Read More]

Chihwaseon at the KCC

The Choi Min-sik season at the KCC continues on 8 August. As usual, booking is required via the KCC website. Chihwaseon (취화선) Director: Im Kwon-taek (2002) Running Time: 120min Screening Date: 7pm, 8 August 2013 Synopsis This multi award winning film from director Im Kwon-taek sees Choi Min-sik playing renowned Korean painter Jang Seung-up in … [Read More]

Oldboy screens at the KCC

Well, you can’t have a Choi Min-sik season without a screening of possibly the best-known film to have come out of Korea this century. Oldboy Director: Park Chan-wook Running Time: 120min Screening Date: 7pm, 25 July 2013 Synopsis: Oh Dae-su is an average businessman, but after celebrating his daughter’s birthday he finds himself kidnapped and … [Read More]

Failan opens the Choi Min-sik season at the KCC

It’s quite a popular weepie, but I’ve never really “got” it. I guess I’ve got a gene missing when it comes to some melodramas. Anyway, it’s the opening film of the Choi Min-sik season: Failan Dir: SONG Hae-seong, 2001 Running Time: 116mins Screening Date: 7pm, 11 July 2013 Synopsis Kang-Jae is a low level gangster … [Read More]

Year of the Four Actors – the schedule

After 2012’s Year of the 12 Directors, 2013 brings Year of the 4 Actors, with 24 films and three Q&As featuring Moon So-ri, Jeon Do-yeon, Choi Min-sik and Ha Jung-woo. Here’s the schedule: Date Title Director Moon Sori 17 January The President’s Barber Lim Chan-sang 31 January A Good Lawyer’s Wife Im Sang-soo 14 February … [Read More]

Festival Film Review: Leafie, a Hen into the Wild

At last year’s LKFF the surprise success was the animation Green Days – which for me was the first Korean animation really to stand comparison with Japan’s Studio Ghibli. This year the story may well be the same, with another animation from a director making his first full-length feature. In a country where animation screenings … [Read More]

Choi Min-sik season: Crying Fist screens at the KCC

The KCC wraps up its Choi Min-sik season on Thursday with Crying Fist, the last screening of the year. 7pm, Thursday 23rd December Director: Ryoo Seung-wan Cast: Choi Min-sik, Ryoo Seung-bum Genre: Drama Certificate: 12 (South Korea) Running Time: 134 mins Venue: The Korean Cultural Centre UK Ground Floor, Grand Buildings 1-3 Strand, London WC2N … [Read More]

Choi Min-sik season: Happy End screens at the KCC

The Choi Min-sik season continues at the KCC with Happy End this Thursday – a well-regarded film from 1999: 7pm, Thursday 9th December Director: Jung Ji-woon Cast: Choi Min-sik, Jeon Do-yeon Genre: Drama Certificate: 18 (South Korea) Running Time: 99 mins Venue: The Korean Cultural Centre UK Ground Floor, Grand Buildings 1-3 Strand, London WC2N … [Read More]

Chihwaseon screens at the KCC

The next screening at the KCC, on Thursday 25 September, is Chihwaseon (2002), Im Kwon-taek’s bio-pic of one of Korea’s most famous painters, Jang Seung-eop, also known as Owon. The film features two of Korea’s most well-known actors, Choi Min-sik as Owon and Ahn Sung-ki as his patron Kim Byung-moon. Synopsis: During the 1850s, KIM … [Read More]