Failan opens the Choi Min-sik season at the KCC

It’s quite a popular weepie, but I’ve never really “got” it. I guess I’ve got a gene missing when it comes to some melodramas. Anyway, it’s the opening film of the Choi Min-sik season:


Dir: SONG Hae-seong, 2001
Running Time: 116mins
Screening Date: 7pm, 11 July 2013


Kang-Jae is a low level gangster who agrees to a sham marriage with a Chinese woman (Cecilia Cheung) for some easy money. It is only when he hears of her death that Kang-jae begins to take an interest in his wife. By discovering who she is, what she looks like and her characteristics Kang-jae finds his own path to redemption.

As usual, booking is necessary via the KCC website

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