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BAKS Conference 2014 – full programme announced

The programme for this year’s BAKS conference has been released. Book details are at the bottom of this post.

British Association for Korean Studies Conference 2014

Korean Identities in a Global Age
University of Sheffield, Halifax Hall, The Endcliffe Village, Endcliffe Vale Road, Sheffield S10 3ER
21–23 November 2014


University of Sheffield crestFriday (21 November 2014)

  • Arrival and registration from 3.30 pm onwards
  • PM Coffee/tea refreshments from 3.30, Refreshment Area
  • Keynote Speech from 5-6.30 in The Dining Room
  • A bar will be open from 18.30; no dinner on site.

Saturday (22 November 2014)

  • Breakfast (from 7.30am) (full English, only for those staying in Halifax Hall overnight)
  • Panel 1: 8.30—10.30 (4 papers at 30 min. each with Q&A)
  • AM Coffee/tea refreshments from 10.30-11.00 Refreshment Area
  • Panel 2: 10.45—12.45 (4 papers at 30 min. each with Q&A)
  • Lunch: 2 Course Hot and Cold Buffet (Chef’s choice) from 12.45-14.00
  • Panel 3: 14.00—16.00 (4 papers at 30 min. each with Q&A)
  • PM Coffee/tea refreshments from 16.00-16.30 Refreshment Area
  • Panel 4: 16.15—18.15 (4 papers at 30 min. each with Q&A)
  • AGM: 18.15—18.45 (The bar will be open from 18.30)
  • Dinner in The Dining Room

Sunday (23 November 2014)

  • Breakfast (from 7.30am) (full English, only for those staying in Halifax Hall overnight)
  • Panel 5: 8.30—10.30 (4 papers at 30 min. each with Q&A)
  • AM Coffee/tea refreshments from 10.30-11.00 Refreshment Area
  • Departure

Details of papers to be presented

Saturday (22 Nov, 8.30—10.30)—Panel 1: Historical Identities I

  • Hyun, Jean (University of Oxford, UK): The Malgal as Instigators of War Between Sui and Koguryŏ
  • Wei, Xin (University of Oxford, UK): Circulation of Ch’oe Ch’i-wŏn’s works in Heian Japan
  • Jeong-Spencer, Eunjin (University of Oxford, UK): Re-evaluation of the ‘Ceramic War’
  • Quartermain, Thomas (University of Oxford, UK): Barbarians at the Gates: The Manchu Invasions

Saturday (22 Nov, 10.45—12.45)—Panel 2: Historical Identities II

  • Kim, Youngmin (Seoul National University, ROK): Korean Identity in Late Chosŏn’s Discourse on Chineseness (zhonghua)
  • Östberg, Sigfrid Su-gun (University of Oxford, UK): Korean Responses to Nineteenth Century Globalisation: The Case of Sin Hŏn
  • Choi, Youngchan (SOAS, London, UK): In God we learn of the individual and of humanity: the history of equality in late nineteenth-century Korea
  • Ten, Victoria (University of Leiden, the Netherlands): The Circle of Knowledge: Contemporary Korean Alchemical Practices Exported to the West

Saturday (22 Nov, 14.00—16.00)—Panel 3: Religious and Historical Modern Identities

  • Grayson, James (University of Sheffield, UK): Millenarianism and a Global Identity? The Empire of Mt. Sion, Colonialism and Nationalism
  • Noh, Anna (University of Warwick, UK): The Evolution of the Korean Protestant Identity: Hegemonic Conflict in the Cold War Discourse
  • Lee, Hana (Yonsei University, ROK): The Historical and Emotional Origins of Hallyu’s Identity:  Aspiring Towards World Culture
  • Sadorra, Helweena (University of the Philippines, Philippines):  Starring Kopinos: From Quest of the Korean Dream to the Making of a Hero

Saturday (22 Nov, 16.15—18.15)—Panel 4: Personal Identity in a Global Age

  • Byun, You-Kyung (Free University, Berlin, Germany): Korean Food Entrepreneurs in Berlin: Staged Authenticity and Ethnic Diversity
  • Wellgraf, Stefan (European University Viadrina in Francfort/Oder, Germany): Three Sisters—Transnational Ties in a Korean Family
  • Howard, Keith (SOAS, London, UK): Why Don’t K-Pop Fans Like “Gangnam Style”?
  • Park, Sung-Hee (Durham, Independent Scholar): The impact of ‘K-pop’ and ‘K-Style’ on traditional musicians

Sunday (23 Nov, 8.30—10.30)—Panel 5: Identities and Politics

  • An, Jong Chol (Tubingen University, Germany): Who Are the First “Koreans”?: The Limitation of the First Korean Nationality Act in 1948
  • Park, Tina (University of Toronto, Canada): Canadian-Korean Relations from the 1880s to the 1980s: The Untold Tale of Globalization
  • Bae, Jiyoung (Germany, Grad. Student): Welfare State and Global Financial Crisis: A Case Study of South Korea
  • Flamm, Patrick (University of Auckland, New Zealand): Korea’s Place in the World: Change and Continuity in South Korean National Identity in the Case of Seoul’s Contribution to UNMISS
  • Winstanley-Chesters, Robert (Cambridge University and University of Leeds): Korean “Green Waves”: Investigating Trans-Peninsular and Global Sustainabilities


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