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The KCC launches its series of cookery talks with Samgyetang

The first of a series of cookery demonstrations at Le Cordon Bleu. Registration required via [email protected].

K-Cuisine Lecture Series No.1: Samgyetang

Date/Time: Tuesday 24 March 2015, 18.30-20.30
Venue: Le Cordon Bleu London (WC1A 2LS)
Lecturer: Chef Hyung Soo Lim

Short introduction to Samgyetang

Samgyetang is a chicken soup made by stuffing a young chicken cavity with glutinous rice, ginseng, jujubes and garlic, then simmering it for a long time. In Korea, there are three traditional hottest days (sambok) in the summer. People have samgyetang on those hottest days to overcome the hot weather.

Ingredient & Amount

4 heads (2.2kg) young chicken,
180g (1 cup) glutinous rice,
milk vetch water: 20g (4 roots) milk vetch roots, 3kg (15 cups) water,
40g (4 roots) fresh wet ginseng, 20g (4 heads) garlic, 16g (4 ea) jujube,
2.6kg (13 cups) water, 20g green onion, 12g (1 tbsp) salt, 0.3g (⅛ tsp) ground black pepper


  1. Put the milk vetch roots and water in the pot, heat it up for 20 min. on high heat. When it boils, lower the heat to medium, simmer it for 40 min, filter it through a strainer to make milk vetch water (2.6kg).
  2. Stuff each chicken cavity with the rice, ginseng, garlic and jujube. Criss-cross the legs of each chicken to keep the stuffs inside.
  3. Put the chicken and milk vetch water in the pot, boil it for 20 min. on high heat. Reduce the heat down to medium and simmer it for 50 min. until the soup turns milky white.
  4. Serve it with green onion, salt and ground black pepper.

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