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Hyundai Motor celebrates 10 years in UK with London photo mosaic

Hyundai Streetcar
Photo: Ordnance Survey / Hyundai / Twitter

To celebrate its 10th anniversary in the UK, Hyundai are sending their latest hydrogen fuel cell car in a journey to map The Knowledge in partnership with Ordnance Survey. On the way they are taking photos which will be combined together into a time-lapse video and a giant mosaic. Today’s Evening Standard has more details.

Abraham Cruzvillegas: Empty Lot
Hyundai Commission 2015 Abraham Cruzvillegas: Empty Lot ⓒ Abraham Cruzvillegas Photo Credit: Andrew Dunkley ⓒ Tate 2015

Separately, the inaugural Hyundai Commission for the Tate Modern Turbine Hall, Abraham Cruzvillegas’s Empty Lot, was unveiled earlier this week.


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