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A couple of changes to the LKFF schedule

Hwang Jung-min in New World
Hwang Jung-min in New World

There has been a couple of changes to the LKFF schedule in respect of movies starring Hwang Jung-min, the featured actor this year. Out go Waikiki Brothers (2001) and Moby Dick (2011) and in come The Unjust (2010) and New World (2013).

The scheduling of The Unjust on Tuesday 3 November makes excellent sense as it is immediately followed by Veteran (2015). The two Ryoo Seung-wan films work very well together as a double bill as they are linked to each other, as explained in LKL’s review of Veteran here.

New World is another crowd pleaser and probably works better as a late night screening than Moby Dick, which it replaces at the Picturehouse Ritzy on 6 November.

LKL’s posts containing the detailed schedule and the A3 printable calendar, as well as the google calendar which appears in the sidebar, have been updated accordingly.

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