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The LKFF schedule in calendar format

Good news folks: Moon So-ri is coming to London again and will be participating in the Q&A at the closing gala Love And… (in which she stars with Ahn Sung-ki and Park Hae-il).

The LKFF calendar 2015

And more good news. As last year, I’ve put the detailed film listing into a calendar format to help you plan your viewing priorities. Best printed in A3, in colour. Let me know if you spot any major howlers, and I’ll upload a corrected version.

Update #1 – the version linked above and at the foot of this post has been revised to reflect a couple of changes to the Hwang Jung-min actor focus. (I haven’t bothered to do a new screenshot, so the jpg image above still reflects the original schedule).

Update #2 – I’ve amended the first paragraph to reflect that Moon Sori will be participating in the closing gala Q&A, but will not now be doing a Q&A after A Good Lawyer’s Wife.

Update #3 – Note that the A3 calendar does not contain the masterclasses with Zhang Lu and Moon Sori on the afternoon of Saturday 14 Nov. Details of these are here.


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